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A Little Farther

You scored 79% travellingness!

You should travel to Europe or Asia.

You're more open-minded than some, but you're not about to hop on a plane just anywhere. You have a personal level of comfort that you like to maintain, no matter where you go. Maybe you don't know very much about other cultures, but your genuine interest in learning more sets you apart from more ignorant people. Just make sure that when you go, make an effort to learn the language and sample new foods. Have fun!

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    They scored 79% on travellingness, higher than 36% of your peers.

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Not Very Far

You scored low for travellingness. Very, very low. Not that there's anything wrong with getting drunk in your backyard with the same people you've been getting drunk with since high school. ... Read more

Sorta Far

You should travel to an English-speaking country. It would seem that you would like to travel, but perhaps your comfort level is not quite as high as your insane cousin who just took off to Korea... Read more

A Little Farther

You should travel to Europe or Asia. You're mor... Read more

Far and Away

You should travel to South America or Africa, w... Read more

Far Flung

You should travel to Greenland or Antarctica. Wow, you scored awfull... Read more

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