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Cait Sith

You scored 10toughness, 18 intelligence, 10 energy levelsand 10 likeability

You're the worst character ever invented, I'm sorry. You suck so much, you don't get a picture.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • toughness Distribution

    They scored 10% on toughness, higher than 33% of your peers.

  • intelligence Distribution

    They scored 18% on intelligence, higher than 56% of your peers.

  • energy levels Distribution

    They scored 10% on energy levels, higher than 12% of your peers.

  • likeabalness Distribution

    They scored 10% on likeabalness, higher than 4% of your peers.

All possible test results

Cait Sith

You're the worst character ever invented, I'm sorry. You suck so much, you don't get a picture. Read more


You're sweet, not the toughest and not the most intelligent- but sweet. You tend to play mother-hen when it comes to Vaan, but most of the time you're teasing him. That is why Balthier sees the two ... Read more


You're energetic, and you tease Squall a lot (not as much as Quistis). You're too dependent, and you're soooo dumb and pathetic. The kidnapping question was created on your behalf by the way. You'r... Read more


You're too cute. You're full of energy and hyper, you're also rather smart. The whole reason you're Yuna's guardian is the fact that she's your cousin...and Tidus kicked your ass when you tried to ... Read more


You don't put up with shit. In fact you're highly judgmental. That comes from being of royal blood, so you aren't totally at fault. You're on the path of vengeance and Vain isn't helping your thirs... Read more


You are totally short tempered, and you occasionally slap people, but you stick to your spells. Out of every final fantasy...you are the most powerful and awesome black mage. Read more


You really needed to slow down and plan, you are not smart enough for a "plan on the go", and look- you got yourself killed. You suck in battle and you're a little too caring. Read more


You were going to sacrifice yourself for the world, to kill a monster that always comes back. If it weren't for Tidus, you would never of uncovered Yevon's secrets or found a way that actually killed... Read more


You're somewhat self sacrificing...mostly becuase you aren't a real person- and you feel that the real people should be alive. That's becuase Yuna is one of those people. Yuna tried to prevent you f... Read more


You're smart...but not as smart as Balthier or Fran. You will follow Ashe till you're dead (because she is your majesty). You don't like the Arcadian empire or your twin brother that joined with sai... Read more


You're only good for amusement purposes. You're no good looking, you're not smart, and you're not even that strong. Well, at least you aren't completely useless (like Cait Sith). Read more


You are a loving, passionate person. You're pretty tough...but you have your moments where your pretty pathetic. You're also the last person in the party to catch on to what's going on. You don't li... Read more


You're pretty awesome. You are level headed and you are somewhat curious. Oh and did I mention that you are sharper than most blades? Well you are. And since you are a "...respecting leading man" ... Read more


You kick a little butt, but you are insanely smart. You're not very energetic, but you go where Balthier goes (cause he's the only Hume that is truely similiar to you). You don't like following arou... Read more


You're sweet and you know how to keep Cloud around. You are smart, pretty(ish) and deeply in love with Cloud...who can't make up his mind between you or Aeris. When Aeris died (got herself stabbed- ... Read more


You're as sharp as your whip, it's too bad that you weren't equipped to be a good teacher...But then you got to travel around with Squall! Then you found out that you didn't really LOVE him, you just... Read more


You're not the brightest star in the sky, that's for sure. You also have a tendency to lean towards delusions to make yourself feel better (thinking that Tidus was Chappu...). If you didn't have Lul... Read more


You are such a player...and you remember everything...and are rather disappionted when nobody else does. You're a deep guy, but you hide it... You like everyone to think that you're tough and smart a... Read more


You're not intelligent at all...in fact you can't keep your mouth shut at all...chicken-wuss. You've always been picked on by Seifer, and Squall has always seen you as what you are- too energetic, lo... Read more


You're so cute! There's something endearing about your energy and optimissim. You're let's get it down attitude and how you get excited about some stuff is so adorable. You were one of my favorite ... Read more


You're dead...or rather "unsent". That's how you're able to switch from Spira to Tidus' Zanarkand. It's also you with the answers to everything (because you're dead and you know all). Read more


You think too much, and what you think about is just plain weird and eye-roll inspiring. Take a breather, stop looking at just statistics, they aren't always right, you know? You're also pretty pat... Read more


The only reason you aren't liked, is because you steal everyone's materia...which sucks and is annoying. You're strong for a thief which is pretty cool (you're the only strong thief in the whole ff s... Read more


You border on apathy, but you're not, you just have that "I'm level 99, I can do anything" perspective. Read more

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