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Breast Rise-Up

Your knowledge about her boobs is: 60%

This type of woman is very easy to set up, faithful to her partner, always vigilant, and like people who spoke to the point. Such women tend to choose men who fit her criteria. Because once she fell in love, then she will be faithful to their partners even she will not mind if her husband asked her to be a housewife and to take care of her children at home. Ideal man for this woman is a man who has a sense of humor and has an open personality. To choose a life partner, this woman will not judge you basing on your property value, but by the family background.

Note: The percentage graph of ‘which_boob’ does not mean any comparable score. It’s only by your choice.

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Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • boob_knowledge Distribution

    They scored 60% on boob_knowledge, higher than 74% of your peers.

  • which_boob Distribution

    They scored 40% on which_boob, higher than 24% of your peers.

All possible test results

Bell Breast

Her boob looks like a bell and she is a practical-minded woman who knows to love and honest. ... Read more

Big breasts

This woman do not like restrained of their liberty, so she supports the freedom and independe... Read more

Breast Areola

Such woman who has a wide areola areas, tend to be masculine or tomboy. Generally, this tombo... Read more

Breast Cone

Words fail; never entered in the dictionary for this cone-chest woman. This woman may has a h... Read more

Breast Landscape

Her nature is cheerful and independent. Unfortunately, this woman likes to boast and exaggera... Read more

Breast Plump

Plump-breasted women do not ever put up with serious ties. Sometimes she does not care about ... Read more

Breast Rise-Up

This type of woman is very easy to set up, faithful to her partner, always vigilant, and like... Read more

Lower Breast

Breast owner is very sensitive. She will feel betrayed if her girlfriend does not respond to ... Read more

Small breasts

This woman could never refuse a request from others. She’s open, able to understand others ... Read more

Flat breasts

Flat chest woman is highly value freedom and believe in the theory of the individuality. This... Read more

The Super Pure One

Hummm! I think you like to choose her not by her physical organ but by the value of her over all beauty. Right?/span... Read more

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