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Their result for Science-Fiction Spaceship Command Test ...

Go Boldly Where No One Has Gone Before!

83% Enterprise-E

You command the flagship of the fleet, capable of multiple mission profiles including scientific research, defense and diplomatic. You prefer a family-style command with yourself as the father/mother figure.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Enterprise-E Distribution

    They scored 83% on Enterprise-E, higher than 79% of your peers.

  • Defiant Distribution

    They scored 65% on Defiant, higher than 48% of your peers.

  • Voyager Distribution

    They scored 81% on Voyager, higher than 82% of your peers.

  • Galactica Distribution

    They scored 48% on Galactica, higher than 67% of your peers.

  • Millenium-Falcon Distribution

    They scored 61% on Millenium-Falcon, higher than 77% of your peers.

  • Serenity Distribution

    They scored 27% on Serenity, higher than 6% of your peers.

  • Andromeda Distribution

    They scored 59% on Andromeda, higher than 73% of your peers.

  • White-Star Distribution

    They scored 26% on White-Star, higher than 7% of your peers.

  • Excalibur Distribution

    They scored 69% on Excalibur, higher than 64% of your peers.

  • Daedalus Distribution

    They scored 52% on Daedalus, higher than 19% of your peers.

  • Moya Distribution

    They scored 68% on Moya, higher than 78% of your peers.

All possible test results

The Living Starship

Your ship, like your crew is unique. There are others of similar make, but because it is a living being, yours is not completely like any other. She is as much crew as ship. At times, she m... Read more

Prometheus Remix

This ship is the result of hybrid technologies. The blend is tighter and more powerful than that of its predecessor. Even so, you find yourself often outgunned and outarmored. It is the talent... Read more

Whom Do You Serve?

Your ship is a combat ship that can serve as a science laboratory if pressed, an observation platform if needed and an offensive bludgeon when necessary. Use it carefully, but use it with ... Read more

If You Value Your Lives, Be Somewhere Else!

Your ship combines the best of multiple technologies. Its cutting edge capabilities are ideal for the high-risk, vanguard, head-of-the-spear types of missions you and your crew will underta... Read more


You are an idealist in mind and heart and a gritty realist by nature. Your ship is a warship, capable of engaging whole fleets and with an artificial intelligence that gives you an edge ove... Read more

This Boat is My Home.

You operate under your own rules, regardless of what the rest of the universe would impose on you. Your ship is your source of power and of consternation. However, more than anything, she r... Read more

She's Faster Than She Looks!

You've got a small ship, a fast ship, a stealthy ship - ok let's face it, a privateer. But beneath the sneaking and the smuggling, important missions for the welfare of the people of your r... Read more

So Say We All!

You command as massive interstellar carrier. You are the symbol of your culture's strength. As a commander; you are parent, soldier and at times, dictator. But you always act with the safet... Read more

Cutting Edge

You command a ship with the latest in computer and propulsion technology. You can go almost anywhere and do almost anything, including land on planets. Your crew is somewhat more unconven... Read more

We Will Destroy Them!

Your purpose is to defend the planets, bases and ships under your protection. Under your command, no battle is to fierce should the call to arms require your presence. Read more

Go Boldly Where No One Has Gone Before!

You command the flagship of the fleet, capable of multiple mission profiles including scientific research, defense and diplomatic. You prefer a family-style command with yourself as the fat... Read more

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