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Their result for The New World Order Placement Test ...

The True Master

You scored 63 physical value, 60 mental value, 61 social value, and 87 risk factor!

You have no position within the New World Order per se... for you are above it. You are the hand that moves in the darkness, pulling the strings of all those below you; even the Overseer is merely a puppet in your machinations. You represent the paradigm of humanity, and it is only right that you, and you alone, should shape the course of human progress. Whenever an Administrator, Policy Maker, or Judge of Laws speaks of the will of the society, they are - unbeknownst to them - speaking of your will. Your authority is unquestioned, and few if any are even aware of your existance. You are, for all intents and purposes, God. The irony - your total aberration from the ideologies of society and the Order - is of course the essential quality that makes you so perfectly suited for your position. If only the little fools knew. If only they knew. Muhahaha. Muahahaha! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ahem.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • physical value Distribution

    They scored 63% on physical value, higher than 81% of your peers.

  • mental value Distribution

    They scored 60% on mental value, higher than 58% of your peers.

  • social value Distribution

    They scored 61% on social value, higher than 95% of your peers.

  • risk factor Distribution

    They scored 87% on risk factor, higher than 99% of your peers.

All possible test results

Low Rank Worker

You are the meat and bones of the New World Order... you have no useful skills of any sort, but you don't really pose much of a risk to society, so you will be given the menial tasks you are suited fo... Read more

Expendable Worker

You have little value to the New World Order, but your personality profile suggests you may have the makings of a malcontent. Therefore, you will be intentionally assigned to those tasks where a body ... Read more

Soylent Green

You, my friend, are as good as dead. You offer nothing to the New World Order, while showing clear indications of rebellious tendencies. You will be lined up against the wall and executed, and then yo... Read more


Ahh, the New World Order has a use for you. Your social skills, combined with your clear loyalty to the cause and penchant for avoiding overthinking things indicates you will make an excellent Coordin... Read more

Morals Officer

The New World Order will always need certain individuals who are responsible for identifying and correcting violations of moral and social codes of conduct, and you will be such a person. Your social ... Read more

Social Malcontent

Your place in the New World Order can best be described physically: directly in front of a dark, blood stained cement wall. Your malcontent behavior combined with your ability to sway crowds will imme... Read more


You have a great mental capacity and a loyalty to society, and as such you will make an excellent Administrator in the New World Order. Your primary tasks will include managing the inner workings of s... Read more

Technical Worker

Your book smarts and knowledge will be very useful to the New World Order. You will be employed as a Technical Worker in the field most suited to you, be it in medicine, technology, weapons design, et... Read more

Mental Malcontent

You are dangerous to the New World Order. Your logic and reason and higher learning, combined with your radical thinking and nontraditional values have labeled you as a malcontent. You will be execute... Read more

Policy Maker

You my friend are truly fortunate, for the New World Order sees in you the potential to make an excellent Policy Maker. You combine a keen mind with a strong understanding of what motivates the Worker... Read more

Judge of Laws

For you, the New World Order has a task which is both important and yet misunderstood: you will be a Judge of Laws. You have both the mental and social skills needed to truly understand the workings o... Read more

Severe Malcontent

The New World Order not only has no place for you, but you are among the most dangerous kinds of malcontent - intelligent, able to work the teeming masses, and full of insidious and countercultural th... Read more


Stand proud and tall my friend, and display your magnificent body, for you are a Worker. The New World Order will be built upon your back, formed by your hard labor and selfless diligence. While you m... Read more

Peace Officer Grunt

Fear not, for the New World Order has a use for you, my friend. You may not be smart, you may not be a wizard with words, and you may not be the most loyal of our citizens, but you're strong and durab... Read more

Brutish Malcontent

You are 'lucky' by malcontent standards, at least as far as the New World Order is concerned. While your radical ideals and thoughts are a threat to society, you are too stupid and tongue-tied to pose... Read more

Peace Officer

Where the Policy Maker is the heart of the New World Order and the Administrator the head, you are the Fist. You are a Peace Officer, the physical manifestation of the Laws of the society. Many will m... Read more


Even in the New World Order there will be a need for individuals who can spread the good word... the word of the society, that is. You will be such a person, a Missionary sent out into the Lawless Lan... Read more

Dangerous Malcontent

The New World Order fears you. As such, you will be executed as a dangerous malcontent. Your physical prowess and social skills, combined with your radical notions, make you far too large a threat to ... Read more


To the New World Order, you represent a great asset; a skilled worker, both physically and mentally, with loyalty to the society as well. As such, you will be a Foreman, responsible for managing a sma... Read more

High Risk Foreman

Your physical abilities and skillful knowledge are cherished by the New World Order, but as we are unsure of your loyalties, you are assigned a position which, while potentially rewarding, offers risk... Read more

Deadly Malcontent

Your death within the New World Order will be swift and merciless. As a deadly malcontent with both mental and physical prowess and unruly, dangerous ideals, you will be executed and your body reproce... Read more

Elite Guard

You are a paragon of the New World Order, a representation of all that the society stands for. You manifest the best of all attributes, being strong, intelligent, social, and fiercely loyal. Only you ... Read more

Too Risky To Live

It is with some sadness that I must tell you that the New World Order deems you too great a risk to be allowed to live. Oh, it is not that you seem particularly disloyal, but given the fact that you a... Read more

The True Master

You have no position within the New World Order per se... for you are above it. You are the hand that moves in the darkness, pulling the strings of all those below you; even the Overseer is merely a p... Read more

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