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Respectful Parent

You may be a bit traditional, but you will never look down on your kids like those 50's parents did. And good job being somewhat logical, too.

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Anything Goes

You're not traditional or anything....but not a pushover! You don't really fit into any kind of regular category... Read more

New Age

You are somewhat respectful with kids. Good for you! Might wanna work on the logic though. Read more


You are extremely respectful of children as people and would make a good parent...but you might want to consider doing things more logically. Read more


Traditional in your thinking, but not too much, you will keep your kids feet on the ground! A little more respect wouldn't hurt though. Read more

June/Ward Cleaver

While harboring some traditionalist theories, you never hesitate to make your kids feel respected and happy. Read more

Respectful Parent

While not overly traditional, you are also very respectful of children and their needs. Read more


Your kids will know who's boss...might wanna give them a break from all the old fashioned stuff once in a while.. Read more


You may be somewhat traditional, but you will not let your children be afraid of you. Read more


While you are traditional, you are also respectful of your kids. Good for you. Read more

Stern but Fair

While you may not especially respect you kids, you won't give them dumb rules to follow, for the most part. Good job. Read more


You would make a very good respectful parent because you won't let anger and emotion cloud your judgement and, therefore, won't make your children follow dumb rules. Read more

The Tolerant

You would be one of the best kinds of parents, in that you are both fair and respectful. Read more

Firm but Fair

You are traditional, but also like your rules to make sense, which is good. Read more

Sitcom Parent

You are average on every count. like on a lot of the old TV shows. You won't lose your audience by being disrespectful to children, but are not a pushover, yet, you won't make dumb rules either. Good. Read more

Respectful Parent

You may be a bit traditional, but you will never look down on your kids like those 50's parents did. And good job being somewhat logical, too. Read more

Traditional but Fair

While you make old fashioned rules, not many of these are unreasonable. This is a good quality for a parent as well as a person. Read more

Kind Old Fashioned

You are old fashioned and kind when it comes to children, because you are not unfair or disrespectful. Read more

Compassionate Cons.

You are the Compassionate Conservative, meaning you are old fashioned but will not be too strict with your kids. You are very respectful. Read more

The Lawyer

Your kids will not have to worry about being treated unfairly- your intelligence will help you make all the fair decisions. Read more


Like the guy in the book, TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD, you will be respectful and very fair with your children, who will sometimes wonder if they have a parent, or just a good friend. I give praise to anyon... Read more

The Hippie

Were your kids born in a shack in San Francisco in 1969. They have a mom/dad equipped with all the good qualities of raising a family. I give praise to anyone in this category. Either you will get a k... Read more

Fair/ Slightly Cons.

Fair/Slightly Conservative is a good category because you are not too traditionalistic, and you won't make up stupid rules. Read more

Good Rule-Maker

You are respectful and try to make very fair rules, which will make you a very good parent, and a great person, too. Read more

Feet on the Ground

You are cool and logical in your decision making, respectful of your children, and not overly traditional. Read more


You are traditional, but you have the sense not to force anything on your children. Good for you. Read more

Smart Old Fashioned

You are both smart and traditionalistic, and since you are respectful to kids, you will probably make a pretty good parent. Read more

Old but Fair

While your beliefs are old fashioned, you believe your kids have rights and you would never do anything unreasonable or act out of emotion. Good for you! Read more

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