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The Sorceress is a monument to the maxim that knowledge is power, and you prefer to exercise it from behind the scenes. While benign by nature, your actions indicate a conviction that an end justifies the means. You always know how to push the right buttons, figuratively and literally. It is not often that an IQ is so evenly matched by the EQ.

Other types with whom you'd get along: Rio Blast Orko
Your evil equivalent: Skeletor
Your exact opposite: Grizzlor

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Benevolence Distribution

    They scored 7% on Benevolence, higher than 45% of your peers.

  • Directness Distribution

    They scored 5% on Directness, higher than 23% of your peers.

  • Initiative Distribution

    They scored 10% on Initiative, higher than 86% of your peers.

  • Geekiness Distribution

    They scored 11% on Geekiness, higher than 97% of your peers.

All possible test results

Snake Face

Getting inside the head of Medusa's bastard son is no easy task. Snake Face is like a bizzaro boy scout whose day is incomplete without committing an evil deed. Congruent with this role is an affinity... Read more


When a new pair of eyes is needed to get a fresh perspective, Tri-Klops may be the next best thing. Perfectly adapted for the information age, you'd fill the flip-flops of a hacker just as comfortably... Read more

Beast Man

You are Beast Man, the missing link whose crude wit is compensated by cold underhandedness. Your primal charisma has blessed you with remarkable leadership skills among the more primitive life forms. ... Read more


The overlord of evil, driven by wrath and vanity, Skeletor thrives on subversion, and excels at every conceivable means of implementing it. You are a living proof that happiness is a journey and not a... Read more


Grizzlor is a peculiar breed. Not necessarily evil, just lacking the conception of morality. All that matters is the pack, and he got caught up with the wrong crowd. Though he may appear primitive, Gr... Read more


You are Trap Jaw, an antithesis to the stereotype - gizmo geeks and gadget fetishists don't get much more badass than this. A war machine with an underbite, superior firepower is your weapon of choice... Read more

King Hiss

Eons ago six serpents assumed a joined human form, took leadership over snake men and waged a war against Eternia's elders. Bringing a whole new meaning to the royal 'we', King Hiss will definitely ma... Read more


Every villain has a motive, and Hordak's is unbridled ambition. Privilege is your birthright, you will stop at nothing to ensure it and you are not shy about letting everyone know it. You are a master... Read more


Man-e-Faces is the ultimate method actor. Adventurous in spirit, and of an inquisitive and open mind, you refuse to be bound by traditional roles thrust upon you, preferring to pick and choose at your... Read more


While Orko's carefree attitude may earn him a reputation as an irresponsible jester, he excels at most creative tasks. What others perceive as randomness is lateral thinking which has been invaluable ... Read more


Q: What do you get when a turtle humps a meteorite? A: Sneaky and deceptive, yet a devoted pacifist, Stonedar is the Mahatma Gandhi of guerrilla warfare. The protective shell may give a false impressi... Read more


The Sorceress is a monument to the maxim that knowledge is power, and you prefer to exercise it from behind the scenes. While benign by nature, your actions indicate a conviction that an end justifies... Read more


The connotations of brute force are far too negative to be applied to this knight of the old code. Fisto may not know what he wants, but he knows how to get it. You prefer to tackle your problems head... Read more

Rio Blast

While some carry a chip on their shoulder, Rio Blast packs a full fledged assault battery on his. In spite of your irksome albeit well intentioned belligerence, you are generally valued as a great tea... Read more

He Man

The quintessential old school hero and the Comic Code Authority's wet dream, your actions are a direct reflection of your convictions which are inset deep to the point of stubbornness. You have a gene... Read more


The head of the royal guard, an inventor and the mentor to Adam, Man-at-Arms wears an awful many hats under that big salad bowl on his head. You have a broad array of interests and enjoy numerous ecle... Read more

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