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Their result for The Suggested Sex Act Test ...


You are pretty wild, and open to a lot of things. I think that you would enjoy trying out the wonderful world of Voyeurism.

There are many couples out there who enjoy getting watched. Why not find some? Or better yet, find another partner for your current lover, and sit back to watch them play.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Sexuality Distribution

    They scored 22% on Sexuality, higher than 43% of your peers.

  • Kinkiness Distribution

    They scored 58% on Kinkiness, higher than 70% of your peers.

  • Romance Distribution

    They scored 33% on Romance, higher than 32% of your peers.

  • Toys Distribution

    They scored 72% on Toys, higher than 91% of your peers.

All possible test results

Missionary Position

I'm not sure, but I think you are ready to try the missionary position. You are a relatively conservative person, or a virgin who is horribly frightened to enter the world of sex. Either way, the... Read more

Try a Vibrator!

I think are ready to buy your first vibrator. Use it alone, or with a partner... either way, it is something to try! Read more

Sensual Massage

Your romantic side is struggling to get out. You, my dear, should suprise your partner with a long, delicious, sensual massage! For an extra effect, try adding some small lit votives in bowl holders... Read more

Light Bondage

You and your partner are a sweet couple, but so far your sex life has been pretty plain. A pair of silky scarves tied lightly about the wrists and to the bedposts will only highten your lovemaking! Read more

A Day of Pampering

Romeo and Juliet don't have a thing on you. Try spoiling your loved one at a day spa, then return home for a romantic home-cooked candle-lit dinner and dancing. Whatever happens afterward will ma... Read more

A Fancy Hotel

Romeo and Juliet don't have a thing on you. Try treating your loved one to spending the twilight hours in a glamorous hotel, after a night out on the town. Soak nude in the hot-tub, then afterwar... Read more

Anal Sex

You are ready to try adventuring into the world of the back-door. Be sure to lube up well! Ease the tension, by loosening the anus with a single finger until your partner gets adjusted, and go slow ... Read more

Strap-on Dildo

Whether the dildo is being used for sex, or just for show, a strap-on just might liven things up a bit! Men can suck on them or take them up the backside. Women can do the same, and even have a fanc... Read more

Sexual Roleplay

I think its time to bring some roleplaying into the bedroom. Have you ever fantasized about your college professor? Sex with a perfect stranger? The President of the united states? Lets bring s... Read more

Food Play

Some foods are known aphrodesiacs, but even less known is how they feel on the skin. Its time to experiment with food in the bedroom! Food-play doesn't have to be limited to inserting a cucumber ... Read more

Sex Outdoors

The next time you take a long, moonlit walk with your lover, why not take a chance and make love outdoors! The elements feel delicious on bare skin, and the risk of getting caught will only heighten ... Read more

Hot Wax

Romeo and Juliet have nothing on you. But you DO have something on them... the ability to cut back and be carefree both in your relationship and in the bedroom. A romantic evening, followed by li... Read more

Gender Switching

I think it is time for you and/or your partner to switch gender roles. Whether this means putting a different person on top, dressing up, or a bit of roleplay, it should make things interesting. Read more

Discovering Dildos

You and your partner are ready for a dildo. Or two. Or three. Use them on her, use them on him. They are almost as good as a third partner for those unwilling to try. Anal beads may also be right... Read more

Ménage à trois

I think you are both ready for a third partner... but not just any will do. Casual group sex is not your thing, so you will want to invite a friend. Make sure that you are both comfortable and secur... Read more

Watch Porn Together

Either you are more adventurous than you realize, or are just scared to do anything too crazy. I think that you and your partner would enjoy a night at home, watching porn tapes together. You cou... Read more

Fantasize Together

You have some interesting ideas, but you aren't sure about acting on them. I think that you and your partner would enjoy discussing each other's fantasies in bed. Even if you don't act on them, it i... Read more

Body Paints

I think you and your partner would enjoy toying around with body paints. Flavored or unflavored, the paint feels deliciously cold going on. You might even think about showing off the artwork to a... Read more


You and your partner are wild and crazy enough to think about a casual sex orgy. Whether you set one up yourself, or seek one out, this wild time will be something you will never forget... and come b... Read more

Dungeon Fun

There aren't many people around who are more adventurous than you, but those that are are certain to be found at your closest professional dungeon. Across the country, several people actually earn... Read more

Public Sex

You and your partner understand each other. Perhaps that is because you are both insanely kinky, and have no regard for standard moral values. Why not put this fact to use, by having sex in a pub... Read more


You are pretty wild, and open to a lot of things. I think that you would enjoy trying out the wonderful world of Voyeurism. There are many couples out there who enjoy getting watched. Why not fi... Read more

Loud Sex

If you aren't making noise during sex, you need to make some. If you are already making noise, you need to make some more! Moan, buck, kick out and scream! You WANT the neighbors to hear, so why no... Read more

Kama Sutra

I don't even know where to start with you, because you are open to so many things. My reccomendation is that you purchase a copy of the Kama Sutra, then practice everything within it. Read more

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