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I'm in love?

no, but you're definately lovable, that's really upsetting to me. Why can't we get along?

All possible test results

No comprende

I really don't think things are gonna work out...sorry Read more

No comprende

This just isn't gonna work Read more

How do i say this?

There's no hope Read more


I could love you to pieces! Actually someone else would be better off, we hate eachother! Read more


Now why couldn't we just get along? You're absolutely lovable, but we still hate eachother Read more

getting there...

But I could never love you, sorry. Read more

could it be?

...No, but nice try anyway, thank you for playing :-) Read more

You just don't care

As nice as you are, you don't seem to think like i do...too bad Read more

You're a love doll

Too bad we would hate eachother Read more

I love you

But we still can't be in the same room together, which kind of makes this impossible... Read more

no comprende

...yeah, that just about sums it up Read more

you're getting there

But things would be shaky Read more

Could it be?

Maybe there's hope...feint hope, but i think i see it Read more


But no...we just don't agree, what do you want me to say? Read more

I'm in love?

no, but you're definately lovable, that's really upsetting to me. Why can't we get along? Read more

No chance in hell

We see eye to eye, but you're a bitch! LOL, maybe not but the test says so Read more

still not there yet

I'm getting tired of typing, get a better score! Read more


I see potential, but you're not a jedi yet :-( Read more

You're the one!

Well, maybe not the one, but you did pretty good on your tests...little better and i would propose Read more

She loves me...

She loves me not...but i this case i think examining the possibility wouldn't hurt. Come on, you did better than most the other takers in this test, doesn't that mean it's worth a shot? Read more

Hell no

...nothing else to say to that Read more

catch 22

no hope dear Read more

here's a good idea

sensitivity lessons! Ok, maybe i'm off there, but i'm running out of things to say on these! Read more

Why'd you take this?

You already know we click, why didn't you just send a message and save yourself the reading? It'd be better for both of us anyway. So drop me a line and we'll see what's up... Read more

The tests don't lie

You're perfect for me! Even if this thing is completely out of wack, you still scored the highest on my tests of anyone else! Believe me, i'd know, i made up 25 catagories to keep it accurate...Here... Read more

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