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no. canadian accent.

we probably wouldn't get along famously.

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no. canadian accent.

we probably wouldn't get along famously. Read more

hm. all business.

if we aren't married by the time we're say, 30 and 35, then we should marry each other for convenience, and probably not get divorced for at least 4 or 5 years. Read more

:o are u gladstone?

let's seriously have a tryst, or a torrid extramarrital affair. Read more

eh. such is life.

we'd probably go out on our separate girls and boys nights, get horny and come home and have good sex and then pay the bills the next day. and have children someday. but not have that much fun. Read more


we could just lay down comfortably in the same bed and get a really good night's sleep, and we should definitely go to some shows together, and maybe get a drink. Read more

yawn. or yikes.

well everything seems to be cool except the sex wouldn't be good, and that might lead to cheating, and if i had made a longer test it would be clear that i can't live with that sort of thing. either t... Read more

nice. fuckbuds.

we are awesome friends and awesome in bed, and we would be awful at trying to plan a life together. how's about it? Read more

:D come be with me

you score really well in all categories. i think we should give it a shot, unless you're too old or too ugly. just kiddin. Read more

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