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Trippy Shit

62% Randomness!

Holy fuck, this picture creeps me out. Every time I look at it I feel drunk. That's probably how people see you, even when you're sober as a bird. You are extremely random, but you're not as bad as others can be. Just stick to your guns.


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  • Randomness Distribution

    They scored 62% on Randomness, higher than 82% of your peers.

All possible test results

Pumpkin Kid

You are the pumpkin kid, the most random creature of them all. Your creepiness really gets to people; it's likely you don't have a lot of friends. Keep being weird. Maybe it'll pay off someday... or n... Read more

Gravy Train

This picture sort of freaks me out. I wish they had an 'after' snapshot. You're as cooky as they come, chickadee. Most of the things you say have absolutely no point or are just plain stupid. Oh well.... Read more

Creepy Toolgirl

I don't understand this picture whatsoever, which is probably what people say about you behind your back. You say the most random, disgusting, obnxious things that basically no one gets. I guess it do... Read more

Clown Lady

Yeah, I don't even know what to say about this picture. Your randomness is astounding. You should join the circus.   Take my other quizzes! http://helloquizzy.okcupid.com/tests/which... Read more


Aw, poor girl. She just found out some big news. You, good lady or sir, are really really random. It's likely that most of the time you are weird/creepy/awkward at social events. People tend to recoil... Read more

Trippy Shit

Holy fuck, this picture creeps me out. Every time I look at it I feel drunk. That's probably how people see you, even when you're sober as a bird. You are extremely random, but you're not as bad as ot... Read more

Banana Man

Ha. What a huge, random banana. You are definitely random most of the time. I think it's safe to say that usually people don't know what the fuck you're talking about. That's alright, dude. At least y... Read more

Acid Baby

GAH! ACID BABY! You are quite random, my friend, and you shouldn't be ashamed of it. Just like little Sally, people may find you to be a tad bit odd. Actually her name probably isn't Sally, I made tha... Read more

Awkward Squid

Squids are fucking random and weird, but I love them. And you should too. Look, he has a mouth! Or wait, maybe that's his asshole. Aw who cares, ain't he cute? You are indeed a random person.  /p... Read more

Penis Person

HA! Penis guy! He's a delight. You're a little random, I must say, but you can keep your cool when you need to. Just like this guy. Sometimes he, shall we say, "gets freaky on occasion."   ... Read more

Granny Panties

Hey, granny, shake that ass! Kinda random, but not too much so. You just love looking at them. Mm, sexy.   Take my other quizzes! http://helloquizzy.okcupid.com/tests/which-sesame-st... Read more


Aw, it's the Backstreet Boys! Although not completely random, I bet you weren't expecting to see their pretty faces again, were you? WERE YOU?!   Take my other quizzes! http://helloq... Read more


Hey, you're broccoli! You're not at all random. In fact, you are just a puny little vegetable. Go soil yourself, my boring comrade.   Take my other quizzes! http://helloquizzy.okcupi... Read more

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