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Their result for The Random bad situation Test ...


You scored 87 Logic, 21 Spontaneous, and 6 Whats wrong!

You're smart. Real smart. Brains are sexy. You're sexy. Live it up, just not to much.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Logic Distribution

    They scored 87% on Logic, higher than 95% of your peers.

  • Spontaneous Distribution

    They scored 21% on Spontaneous, higher than 17% of your peers.

  • Whats wrong Distribution

    They scored 6% on Whats wrong, higher than 2% of your peers.

All possible test results


You scored pretty low on all subjects. What? Is it late there? Is your brain out for a cup of coffee? Try again some time. Read more


Okay, so maybe your bare hands have done some work lately, and your spouse left you because she didn't like it when you carved cryptic messages into the wall, but hey! We won't judge you... Much... Read more

Really mental...

Uhh... Heh. Okay. You've got issues... We all have issues. My suggestion? Do like the rest of the people who have -your- issues... and just... you know, go get help. PLEASE DON'T HURT ME. Read more


You think out of the box. Nice. Nothing wrong with that. You just need to think more in a line rather than those swirling patterns in an etch-a-sketch. Read more


Okay. No easy way to explain this. Your mind has melded into one with your insanity, and you don't think very straight to match it. Lock yourself into a small dark room and -hope- no one finds you... ... Read more


Kinda spontaneous, really fucking crazy. Do me a favor, okay? There's a fridge box. It's your new home. No! Really! It's payed for and everything... Just... Don't hurt me. Read more

YAY! Wha...?

You're really spontaneous. I'm not saying you eat a peanut butter and nail sandwiches, but maybe you need to calm down a bit, hmm? Read more

YAY! Buh...?

You're right along with the "Wha...?" catagory. Find one of them. You're just a little crazier than they are, but hey! You'll get along fine... Without me... Please? Read more

A Little Scary

Okay. You think out of the box. In fact, let's entirely forget the box. No box! Tiny spaces scare you, right? You see things in the walls. You like talking to them about the most innane things. It's f... Read more

Mmm... Brainy.

Brrrraaaaaaiiiinnnsss..... Heh. Okay. so you think more about the best course of action rather than think anything different. You're a calculating machine. Read more

Assasin? Republican?

You think straight forwards, and by your answers your bullets tend to fly straight. Often. Very often. Read more


You're a cold, calculating, murdering machine. You might even be a bit unstable. Look. Drop the magnum, and hope to God he forgives you for the puppies you stab at night... Read more


You're logically spontaneous? Spontaneously logical? You feel camping indoors is fun? You have sex while playing chess? I don't know. Read more


Ah hah! I knew there was someone out there. You're healthy. Nothing wrong with your brain. Read more

Too balanced.

You're the quiet type, right? The kind that stays at home and whittles... Human bones into effigies of their previous, deceased owners. Read more


Well, you have a brain in there. Unfortunately it flies in too many directions to be healthy for you. Take your pills and lie down, okay? Read more

Frat girl

You have a brain, that's for sure. The fact it leaps from one place to another faster than you obviously should, makes people uncomfortable. My suggestion is stop drinking coffee, and try to listen to... Read more


You're real crazy, real spontaneous, and you're either Einstein gone zombie, or a public school kid. If you talk to people, whom other people (real or not) tell you don't exist, seek help, or a closet... Read more


You're smart. Real smart. Brains are sexy. You're sexy. Live it up, just not to much. Read more

John Clease

You're smart, talented, spirited, maybe even spiritual. You're out of your bloody mind. Read more


No! Please don't kill me! I have so MUCH to live for! *Sob* If you... Have to do it! Make it quick! You're too smart to escape! You'd find me! You'd make pay! AHHH!!!!! Read more

Chess player

You're brainy, and you can think on your feet. Wanna play a game? You'd probably win. Read more

Bill Gates

You're smart, think freely, and are just a little crazy. Hey! Start a company. I'm sure you'll do fine.... About 60 billion dollars of fine. Read more

Hannabal Lector

You're smart. Real smart. And your crazy. Real crazy. Sometimes? you even think creatively. You're too smart and too crazy. you're going to end up strapped to a dolly cart with your mouth duct taped s... Read more

Stock Marketer

GO! MAKE MONEY! NOW! NOT KIDDING! GOOO!!!!! Don't forget me...! I'm poor! Read more


Well, you're smart, you think out there, and you're just a -little- crazy. Hey, we all know where you're headed. To thw White House! As soon as Texas blows up. Read more


You can't be that smart, crazy, and spontaneous without a reason, but I can't think of one! What are you?? Please! Tell me! WAIT! NO! .... Don't. Afterall, if you're something really -that- amazing it... Read more

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