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You scored 83Introversion, 38 iNtuitiveness, 43 Feelingnessand 50 Judgingness!

If you are a female ISTP, please do not message me unless you have some helpful additions to the few paragraphs below. I actually don't know what female ISTPs are like, but apparently there are a lot of them, and apparently they have taken this test on OK Cupid and messaged me saying that they are not men. If you are a guy, keep reading. Otherwise message me and be like: I am a female and I got this score, and...

Deep down inside, every guy wants to be like you. Pretty much cool as hell, you get the hottest chicks. You probably are a guy by the way. If not, then I'd like to meet you. Han Solo, Boba Fett...if you like Star Wars. But you probably think star wars is lame because you are base jumping in the alps, or winning the pro skateboarding championship. Not really given to any communication whatsoever, you prefer to just be cool. There is no emotion there, no thoughts about people, just pure animal instinct. Thus, you don't really care if someone sees your skydiving video. Girls may not say it, but they all think that you are dangerous and sexy. You won't say anything to prove them wrong. Actually, you don't say much at all. Your room is clean and tidy, just like your mind. Its all shelved away so that you don't have to deal with it.

Introvert: You are internally focused

Sensing: You are concrete

Thinking: You use logic to make decisions

Perceiving: You primarily use your senses to interpret your senses

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Introversion Distribution

    They scored 83% on Introversion, higher than 92% of your peers.

  • iNtuitiveness Distribution

    They scored 38% on iNtuitiveness, higher than 3% of your peers.

  • Feelingness Distribution

    They scored 43% on Feelingness, higher than 32% of your peers.

  • Judgingness Distribution

    They scored 50% on Judgingness, higher than 39% of your peers.

All possible test results


Competitive, driven. You are the ESTP! You might cut holes in your shirt where your nipples are and put a pant leg over your head. You might say the most random thing in the world. You might be the ab... Read more


Will you ever stop working? You won't ever stop trying to make things as perfect as possible. Some people call you a traditionalist or moralist. I call you the hardest working person I have met. Peopl... Read more


You are everyone's friend. It doesn't matter whether they want you to be their friend or not. You really aren't afraid to be "out there" and that is because you might be afraid to be "in there". You a... Read more


Silly, freindly and seemingly unreachable, you are the ESFJ. Depending on how you were raised, you might be a total nerd, or you might be the coolest person in school. Bill Clinton is an ESFJ, or so I... Read more


ENTP's are more Externally focused than any other intuitive thinking type. While they readily understand the underlying meaning behind events in their world, they are not as prone to changing their mi... Read more


The interesting thing is that most people describe the ENTJ as being a strong leader. Maybe...You are more likely an extremely creative thinker. Because you use your thinking capacity primarily to und... Read more


Congratulations ENFP, you have succeeded in being the most obnoxiously freindly person in the WORLD!!! At the same time, you assume that everyone is rejecting you. Its very strange. Your intuitive fee... Read more


You are even more silly than your ESFJ counterpart, and probably even more skilled as a counselor and motivator. Unlike ESFJ's ENFJs don't play by the rules of normal social interaction. They may be v... Read more


If you are a female ISTP, please do not message me unless you have some helpful additions to the few paragraphs below. I actually don't know what female ISTPs are like, but apparently there are a l... Read more


Dependable, hardworking, and quiet, you are the ISTJ. Amazingly unpretentious and dedicated, you will take on any responsibilty if you are asked. You love to support people that you feel are awesome, ... Read more


You are gentle and kind, wearing your heart just under your sleeve so people can only sort of see it. You are in to personal relationships, art, fashion, and probably the Democratic party. Kindness, h... Read more


Like the ISTJ, you are a servant first and foremost. You wonder, are people's needs being met? Are people having fun and being developed at the same time? You do everything you can to assure that peop... Read more


Nerdy, secretive, you are the INTP. Communication is sometimes necessary to you but only when it involves something impossibly deep or complex. You talk to your friends about eastern philosophy, weste... Read more


The INTJ is a highly creative individual, INTJs are very internally focused, but unlike their INFJ counterpart, they are less focused on their feelings and more focused on their ideas. INTJ's are high... Read more


INFP's are extremely rare. The reason why it is such a rare type is that Introversion and Perceiving define an INFP but they are two forces that are at odds with each other. INFPs are careful, smooth ... Read more


INFJs are great counselors, artists, and motivators. Unlike their ENFJ cousins, they are very interested in self discovery. Unlike the INFP, the INFJ is more prone to judging the self in terms of mora... Read more

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