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Their result for The Order the Books of the Bible Test ...

Pageturner Peter

You scored 87 % Orderliness and 64% Labelness!

You know where to find those books pretty well, but a few of them, you don't have a clue what type they are. You're nearly there, though, so odds are you spend a good amount of time in the Word. Kudos!

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Orderliness Distribution

    They scored 87% on Orderliness, higher than 54% of your peers.

  • Labelness Distribution

    They scored 64% on Labelness, higher than 38% of your peers.

All possible test results

Index Ichabod

Well, judging from your results, you probably use the index or table of contents when you need to find a book. Or perhaps you're just not very familiar with the Bible at all. Hey, we all had to start ... Read more

Lucky Labeler Laban

Well, you knew or guessed well on a decent portion of the genres or categories of Scripture, but not so much on the location of books. Of course, you can always use the table of contents! But maybe yo... Read more

Category Canaan

Well, nice job on identifying the genres or sections of Scripture! You probably need the index or table of contents to find the actual books, though. Perhaps invest in those nifty page tabs with the b... Read more

Label Lydia

Well, way to go on knowing the divisions of the books of the Bible, even if you don't know quite what order they all go in. You probably know the books fairly well, since you were able to categorize t... Read more

Doubtful Thomas

You could located a respectable portion of the books based on their location to other books, but not so much with identifying the different genres or sections of Scripture. Keep trying! Read more

Mediocre Moses

(No offense intended to the Biblical Moses.) On the bright side, you scored about equally in both categories. On the downside, you could be a lot more familiar both with where to find books in the Bib... Read more

Semi-Scriptura Seth

Well, you may be a pretty good guesser, or some parts of the Bible are more well known to you than others. Your skills at identifying types of books or their special categories were better than your a... Read more

Categorical Caleb

You are rocking with those labels -- you sure know the genres in the Bible, even if you still have some trouble with what books come between Genesis and Revelation. Read more

Hezekiah Highlighter

A decent score for you -- at least you can locate more than half the books! But you might not have a clue whether they were written by a prophet, contain history, or could be a song. Read more

Attentive Andrew

You had a good idea of where to find what you're looking for when it comes to the Bible, but more trouble describing that book if it came down to it. You scored respectably, though. Keep reading! Read more

Equal Ezekiel

You scored within a similar range on both counts -- knowing the order of the books as well as their genres or other labels. Not bad! I'm betting you've read the Bible a time or two, or at least have b... Read more

Devout Daniel

Well, you know your genres, categories, and labels of Scriptural sections! You also have a decent handle on where to find a given book. Nice work. Read more

Orderly Onesimus

You know where to find most any book -- but you don't have a clue what they're about? Perhaps you've merely memorized your Bible's table of contents, or you stop listening or reading after you find th... Read more

Felix Flipper

At least you know where to find the Pauline Epistles... even if you don't know which ones they are! It couldn't hurt to learn a bit more about the genres of different Biblical books and who wrote them... Read more

Pageturner Peter

You know where to find those books pretty well, but a few of them, you don't have a clue what type they are. You're nearly there, though, so odds are you spend a good amount of time in the Word. Kudos... Read more

Scholarly Samuel

You nailed it! You're probably the guy or girl whom other people ask when they can't find a book of the Bible or don't know what type of literature it is. Great job! Read more

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