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A year later at the annual Adventurer's Ball, you are noticeably absent. Your avid fans are perplexed and Lord Maxwellington wears a smug grin as he notes you are nowhere to be seen.

You never returned from Terror Island... nor did anyone in your team. It's a mystery for the ages. Perhaps someday another intrepid band of adventurers will discover you cowering in a cave gnawing on goat carcasses and rambling about "smoke monsters" and "toasted cheese." Or maybe they'll just find your half-eaten corpses.

In any event, there is no glory in never returning... not to mention the riches you acquire will do you little good lost in the island jungles.


Thank you for taking my test! There are many combinations of teams and paths to victory, but there are many more to failure, so try again if you didn't succeed.

I hope you enjoyed the story, and I encourage you to give me feedback. If you have any comments, don't contact this profile. The actual test-maker's profile is here.

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All possible test results


Apparently, you chose not to be funded on your expedition or left out certain crucial team members. This means that the events of Terror Island are but a figment of your imagination. Enjoy it, because... Read more

Lone Survivor!

You stumble to the beach soaked in sweat and blood. You look to your left and your right. There is no one to be seen. Only you made it out of Terror Island alive. Unfortunately, all the riches you... Read more

Captured by Natives!

You never make it off Terror Island. The islanders capture you and they return the stolen artifacts to the temple, appeasing the volcano's anger for now. You are afraid they will be angry with you... Read more

Violent Death!

Sadly, the riches you acquired on Terror Island never make it back home. Even worse, neither do you. Instead you spend your last moments covered in the darts of the native peoples and regarding a ... Read more


A year later at the annual Adventurer's Ball, you present the many and varied relics retrieved from Terror Island. Most prominently displayed is the magnificent Gem of Goro-Tu, and you enjoy the awed ... Read more


It was a successful trip, you had ample guns and survival skills. If only you had not been outsmarted by your greedy team. Unfortunately the moment you left Terror Island, your team turned on you and ... Read more


A year later at the annual Adventurer's Ball, you are noticeably absent. Your avid fans are perplexed and Lord Maxwellington wears a smug grin as he notes you are nowhere to be seen. You never re... Read more


A success! Congratulations, you return from Terror Island with scads of riches and, of course, the Gem of Goro-Tu. The following year, you proudly unveil it at the opening of a new museum named after ... Read more

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