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Their result for The X-Men personality profile Test ...


125 arrogance, 80 compassion, 15 sexuality, 144 trust

Alas, poor Beak. No action figures and t-shirts for this X-Men sidekick. He has more kids than most of the X-Men combined though and at least you can trust him somewhat.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • arrogance Distribution

    They scored 125% on arrogance, higher than 62% of your peers.

  • compassion Distribution

    They scored 80% on compassion, higher than 45% of your peers.

  • sexuality Distribution

    They scored 15% on sexuality, higher than 45% of your peers.

  • trust Distribution

    They scored 144% on trust, higher than 52% of your peers.

All possible test results


Poor Toad. He gets low marks on every category AND you can't trust him. Sorry of you like him, but he's the bottom of the barrel. Maybe you should have answered more questions. Read more


Alas, poor Beak. No action figures and t-shirts for this X-Men sidekick. He has more kids than most of the X-Men combined though and at least you can trust him somewhat. Read more


Sad lost little child trapped in the most powerful body in the universe. She lacks compassion, but her love burns as bright as her flame. Watch out though: she may take more than your heart. Read more


He is sneaky enough to know when he's beat and cold enough to not let you in his heart. He is a lover and though he's had some trouble in the past, he's pretty trustworthy now. Read more


He has a passive aggressive mean streak but a sometimes surprising compassionate nature, at least for certain people. Although he maintains a brave facade, he really wishes someone would just take hi... Read more


Compassionate and loyal, she's the X-Man you trust with all your secrets and your back in a fight. She's not oversexed, but she gives her heart freely to those who deserve it. Read more


Confident but not arrogant, he is compassionate to a fault, though he could stand to loosen up a bit. There just something you can't trust about a guy this high strung. The Sentinel probably scored ... Read more


Confident without being arrogant, compassionate without being naive, Nightcrawler is the most mellow, well-adjusted X-Man ever. He balances a healthy love life with a high level of professionalism. Read more


Arrogance without an ounce of compassion is a deadly combination and Apocalypse is trouble waiting to happen. He cares about nothing but himself and you can't trust him with your wallet. Read more


The Sentinel is arrogant to an extent because he is programed to believe he is right. He just doesn't get it though. Although he has no sexuality to speak of and he cares for no one but his masters,... Read more


She is arrogant to a fault, confident in the most extreme circumstances. She thinks she's God's gift to men and no one is arguing with her. She is a former bad girl though, so be careful before you g... Read more


A trustworthy individual if there ever was one, what he may lack in compassion he makes up for in loyalty. Read more


She can see the future, so you can understand why she maybe a little overconfident. She finds dating boring because she knows how every date is going to end. Read more


With an unmatched intellect, he is justifiably confident, and he's the man to go to when you need a friend or a cure for what ails you (he helped cure the Legacy Virus, after all). He arrogance is lim... Read more


He is supremely confident and surprisingly compassionate. He still has trust issues, however, but you can understand after what he's been through. Read more


The heart of the X-Men, his squeaky clean image has been tarnished, but it only makes him seem all the more human. He scores high on everything and is a true Renaissance man. Read more

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