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Their result for The Sweet-Evil Test ...

Milk Chocolate

You scored 62% sweet and 25% evil!

You are a bit sweeter than dark. You have that little bit of edge, but your sweetness is what really pulls them in.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • sweet Distribution

    They scored 62% on sweet, higher than 31% of your peers.

  • evil Distribution

    They scored 25% on evil, higher than 6% of your peers.

All possible test results


Sorry to say you are a bit bland. Not sweet, not spicy. That doesn't mean you aren't someone's cup of tea though. Read more


You are a bit salty. You've got a little flavor, but you aren't all that sweet. Good for a little fun without a lot of hangups. Read more


You are well spiced. You like it steamy, but not sizzling hot. You are still no sweetie, but that's ok, what you lack in warmth you make up in heat. Read more


You are a red hot jalapeño of sexuality. You aren't sweet, but you definitely got heat, and some will melt for your spicy goodness. Read more

The Strawberry

You are sweet like strawberry. You have nothing to do with that processed over the top refined sugary sweetness. Yours is pure and simple, natural and understated. Read more

The Tease

You are playful and a little sweet. Over the top you aren't, just a soft mix of the sexy and the loving. Easy to handle, but you may leave them begging for more. Read more

Dark Chocolate

Your flavor is strong, rich, a little dark. You aren't over sweetened, just your natural goodness shining through. Some may like tier milk chocolate, but many know the allure of dark chocolate. Read more

The Succubus/Incubus

You are sexual dynamite. Some may label you a demon, but you are just out to see your lover and you have a good time. You aren't over sweet but you have enough heart to really keep them hooked. Read more


You are vanilla sweet. Some think vanilla is a bad thing, that there's something wrong with being the standard. You may not have wild flavor, but your simple sweetness is nothing to be ashamed of, e... Read more

Milk Chocolate

You are a bit sweeter than dark. You have that little bit of edge, but your sweetness is what really pulls them in. Read more

The Tickler

You are mischief and sweetness rolled into one. As playful as you are caring you are probably a handful, and not every lover is going to keep up with you either romantically or sensually. That's ok ... Read more

The Sex Kitten

The only thing you are more than sweet, is playful. You are a definite handful, and should probably find a lover who can keep up with you. Take care though, you have a lot of heart, don't let your n... Read more

Pixie Stix

You are all but raw uncut sugar with maybe a little color. You are a saccharin overdose waiting to happen, and best go spread the love to some poor sugar addict before you explode. Read more

The Snuggle Bunny

You are deadly sweet, but with a dash of the sensual too. Your best bet is those as sweet as you, but a little omph helps. Read more

Sweet Seduction

You are the type that's hard to say no to. So sweet you melt the heart, and with enough naughtiness to set the libido on fire. There's nothing fake in it, or so we hope, it seems likely you'll use y... Read more

The Dark-Angel

You are the incarnation of evil-sweet. The triple dark chocolate cake of temptation is your kin. Your lovers melt before you, and your ideal I'd wager can wield as much gentle power over your heart ... Read more

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