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Their result for The Are you THE DREAM GUY? Test ...

So~So Guy

You scored 67 Personality, 63 Romantic, and 63 Love!

Your alright.. not the best but not the worst. You have a great personality and she probably will tell you that, but the Romance and Love needs improvement.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Personality Distribution

    They scored 67% on Personality, higher than 13% of your peers.

  • Romantic Distribution

    They scored 63% on Romantic, higher than 3% of your peers.

  • Love Distribution

    They scored 63% on Love, higher than 8% of your peers.

All possible test results

The Complete Asshole

You are loveless *PERIOD* Romantic? Barely! Personality wise your alright. Read more


There is love in the air? But Romance wise your not quite there.. And Your personality? Lets just say it needs a little work... Read more

Nothing but Hot Luv

Loveee is soooo thereee. Other than that your personality sucks and your not Romantic at all. Read more

Nothing but SEX

Is sex all your in it for? Read more


Your Average when it comes to loving a girl. But personality wise, needs much work. Read more

Loving Sweetie

Your a total Lover, and romantic too, but where is the personality within you? Read more

Hopeless Romantic

Nothing but Romance.. Where is the love? Read more

Average joe

Average joe ~ quite not there yet Read more

Love'in Sweet Heart!

Your soo sweet and loving but you are scaried say whats really deep in your heart? Read more

Pure Romantic

100% Romantic, Loveless and has a touch of personality. Read more

Careless Boyfriend

You are very caring, but yet you have no clue on what love is! Read more

Sorry Who are you?

YOU HAVE NO PERSINALITY! Do you even know who you truly are? Your too into your girl's wants and not caring about yourself. Think about you not what she wants. Read more



Single Forever

You are what i call hopeless.. Read more

Bitter Sweet

You got everything but is just not romantic. Read more

Ohhh pplleeaseeeee

Come on... What is going out with someone when there is no love. You are too cocky for your own good. Read more

So~So Guy

Your alright.. not the best but not the worst. You have a great personality and she probably will tell you that, but the Romance and Love needs improvement. Read more

Mr. Right

You are just right. The perfect personality and excellent lover. Read more

100% Lust

This is not called love... It is LUST. I think your just in this for her looks? Read more

Just Right

Your the ideal guy there is much room for improvement but your almost there! Read more

Mr. Nice Guy

Your everything a girl wants, but a little less hot with being romantic. Other wise your a great guy. Read more

Loveless Lover

You have your heart at the right place and can treat a girl right. But are you sure it isn't Lust? Instead of Love? Read more

Somewhat of a Dream

Your sooo close, but your still hot and many girls probably love you for that. You understand what women want and well pretty much your just GREAT! ALMOST PERFECT! Read more


Wow.. you seemed to pass right by all my criticism amazing well.. You seem like the dream guy and the big catch, you know how to treat a girl and is caring and understanding.. What girl wouldn't want ... Read more

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