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Their result for The What Painting Style Are You? Test ...

Van Gogh

You scored 44 touch, 59 emote, 26 chaos factor, and 27 subject!

You experience sensually; your emotions run deep. There is an undeniable attraction to you to which few are immune.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • touch Distribution

    They scored 44% on touch, higher than 62% of your peers.

  • emote Distribution

    They scored 59% on emote, higher than 92% of your peers.

  • chaos factor Distribution

    They scored 26% on chaos factor, higher than 55% of your peers.

  • object Distribution

    They scored 27% on object, higher than 22% of your peers.

All possible test results


You Minimalist in the extreme. Did you even take the test? To put it another way you are either incredibly balanced, or *deeply* boring. With meagerest apologies to Kasimir Malevitch, his Black Square... Read more


Linear, sharp, solid. You are directed and disciplined, but not without style. Read more


You are pure chaos. Randomness has nothing on you. A free spirit, for you life is all about throwing yourself into the process, the results and pitfalls be damned! Read more

Analytic Cubist

You like design. You like excitement. Balancing both is your art. Music is your metaphor. Orchestrating the chaos in your life provides your greatest thrill. Bravo Maestro. Read more


Intensely personal, nakedly vulnerable, guts of steel- you feel piercingly and never shy from or hide your emotions. Your passion drives your life, and we pity the fool who tries to leash or belittle ... Read more

Gentileschi, A.

Your passion does not occlude your skill. You have worked hard to fit into the world, and you'll be damned if you let anyone deny your vision. Blood will be spilled in perfect parabolic arcs, should t... Read more

Francis Bacon

No holds barred. Nothing is sacred. You sound your barbaric YALP! baby. Read more


You know the rules, but who cares anymore? Darkness encroaches and you must communicate, people must understand how you feel or all else is ash. You vision is so clear, your passion so intense, it may... Read more


Sumptuous. Tactile. Haptic. Unashamed of flesh, you breathe every breath, taste every morsel, and embrace every touch as if it might be your last. Those fools who deny themselves are missing life alto... Read more


Skilled, disciplined, but with an unfailingly gentle handling of light. You see the limits of the world around you, but you do not lose your sensitivity within them. Read more


Scattered pictures. Senses of the big picture. You move through each experience and on to the next fluidly. Read more


Marc as Fauve is somewhat flimsy as a categorization, but he was informed by the brief movement and somehow this image captured my inclinations for this category. Plus I like the word. Exuberant, hapt... Read more

Van Gogh

You experience sensually; your emotions run deep. There is an undeniable attraction to you to which few are immune. Read more


Sensitive, beautiful, tranquil. Cognizant of literature. Perhaps lacking wild abandon, but gifted with a sharp eye and the softest touch. Read more


Your emotions spill out in everything you do. You are passionate, wild, sensuous, vibrant, and profoundly, sometimes painfully alive. Read more

Art Nouveau

You are like a Mucha, something for everyone. Elegant, but accessible. Sensuality, texture, rhythm, order, design, harmony. Complex, unusual, but managing somehow to pull it off anyway. What's not to ... Read more

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