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Their result for The Super Hero Test ...


You scored 42% Batman, 17% Superman, 36% Spiderman, and 29% Wolverine!

You use what you're given. No matter what happens, you will always do what you know must be done, and stand up for those who can't stand for themselves.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Batman Distribution

    They scored 42% on Batman, higher than 81% of your peers.

  • Superman Distribution

    They scored 17% on Superman, higher than 27% of your peers.

  • Spiderman Distribution

    They scored 36% on Spiderman, higher than 71% of your peers.

  • Wolverine Distribution

    They scored 29% on Wolverine, higher than 36% of your peers.

All possible test results


Normal. Boring. Not Super at all. Try again. Read more


The gruff Canadian with an unknown past. He kicks ass and takes names, but he also has a gentler side. A loner who can never settle in one place. Read more


The geeky kid turned super! What you lack in strength you make up for in brain. Where do you think those webs come from? Your invention! Your enemies may be stronger, but they're dumb as bricks co... Read more


The street-smart, card throwin' Cajun. Smooth and sophisticated, but tough. You're the guy who sweet talks his way into the criminals lair, only to beat him senseless when your face to face. Read more


Well, aren't you special. You know, it's okay to admit your inferior in some way or another. I mean, come on, flight, strength, x-ray, heat-ray, and the list goes on. You're so super it's boring. Read more

The Hulk

No one wants to see you when your angry! Your mild mannered and intelligent most of the time. But when something happens, everybody better just get out of your way! Read more


You're quick and strong, and a bit of a smart ass. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. You may look like a wimp, but when the fists start flying, everybody ducks. Read more

The Joker

The Anti-Batman, and quite possibly the baddest bad guy there is. So crazy, even the mental institute doesn't want you. Read more


Normal man with a sense of vengence. You strike terror into your foes in the dead of night and use stealth to your advantage. Quiet and brooding, you only let very few people get to know you. Read more


Your super strong, but you don't really feel at home beating up bad guys and tearing down buildings. Truth be told, you'd much rather be in your laboratory, hanging from the ceiling. Read more


You use what you're given. No matter what happens, you will always do what you know must be done, and stand up for those who can't stand for themselves. Read more


Anti-Superman, creepy and misunderstood. Maybe if you took some anger management classes you could learn to not kill someone when giving a handshake. Read more

Captain America

The All-American. But not your Beaver Cleaver American, the smart detective who beats the crap out of Nazis with a shield. Read more

Doctor Octopus

Anti-Spiderman. Angry, smart, and really strong. (With a little help from those arms.) The only problem is your anger gets in the way of your talents, isolating you from everyone. (And those arms a... Read more


Anti-Wolverine. A fierce, savage animal with no conscience or remorse. You are a mindless killer, only waiting for your next victim. Read more


Well, you're just all around super! Way to go! Read more

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