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You scored 43% Freedom, 60% Humanity, 25% Fight vs Mental!

the sewer goddess - NOSFERATU - INDEPENDENT - strength, help from animals, defence, stealth/invisibilty.

Her combat skills are not too bad, but as you can obviously see she's not that pretty. Declaring herself independent from her fellow ugly Nosferatu's did not help. When you get near her, she will stun you, but she prefers to be alone and unseen.

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Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Freedom Distribution

    They scored 43% on Freedom, higher than 64% of your peers.

  • Humanity Distribution

    They scored 60% on Humanity, higher than 57% of your peers.

  • Fight vs Mental Distribution

    They scored 25% on Fight vs Mental, higher than 6% of your peers.

All possible test results

Queen Anne

VENTRUE - CAMARILLA - defense, mind control, charisma, enhanced senses, stealth/invisibility Anne is quite the bitch. She has quite a high place in hierarchy, but that's not good enough for her, th... Read more


TREMERE - CAMARILLA - blood magic, mind control, enhanced senses, shapeshifting, stealth/invisibility He's quite happy in the hierarchy structure, maybe that's because he is the leader of the Treme... Read more


VENTRUE - CAMARILLA - strength, speed, defense, charisma, mind control, shapeshifting The Ventrue are cold politicians who usually avoid a fight. This one is different. He can handle himself in deb... Read more

J.Oswald Hyde-White

"ozzy" MALKAVIAN - CAMARILLA - mind control, enhanced senses, charisma, defense, stealth/invisibility Yes, he is quite the crazy one. Insane to the bone, but with his mental skills he gets away wit... Read more


NOSFERATU - CAMARILLA - strength, stealth/invisibily, control over animals, charisma, speed, enhanced senses. His kind mostly live hidden and they are hideous to look at. Harrod is their leader and... Read more


GANGREL - CAMARILLA - strength, speed, defense, control over animals, shapeshifting. He only has combat skills, he doesn't bother with charm. He is almost impossible to defeat in battle. He was an ... Read more


TOREADOR - CAMARILLA - mind control, charisma, enhanced senses, speed, help from animals. Alexandra is the leader of the Toreador. She is one of the most powerful vampires there are, and she is the... Read more

Christopher Houghton

TOREADOR - CAMARILLA - strength, speed, shapeshifting, charisma, mind control, enhanced senses. What a sweet little boy ... NOT! He was obviously made when he was young, but he is actually quite ol... Read more

Count Germaine

BRUJAH - CAMARILLA - strength, speed, defence, charisma, stealth/invisibility. He is a very good fighter, but what's so special about him is that he is immune to weapons. You just can't use them ag... Read more


FOLLOWERS OF SET - INDEPENDENT - corruption, stealth/invisibility, charisma, strength, speed, mind control. She can hold her own in combat when she has to, but usually that's not very necessary, sh... Read more

Ambrogino Giovanni

GIOVANNI - INDEPENDENT - necromancy, mind control, strength, blood magic, enhanced senses. He has no humanity in him left. His only loyalty lies with his family. He will control you, make an undead... Read more

Carmine Giovanni

GIOVANNI - INDEPENDENT - necromancy, mind control, strength, shapeshifting, charisma, control over animals. Carmine is the vampire you so do not want to meet. He hasn't got any humanity in him left... Read more


the sewer goddess - NOSFERATU - INDEPENDENT - strength, help from animals, defence, stealth/invisibilty. Her combat skills are not too bad, but as you can obviously see she's not that pretty. Decla... Read more


GANGREL - INDEPENDENT - corruption, shapeshifting, help from animals, defence, enhanced senses. Nadima is a very well balanced vampire. She is good at a lot of things. She can fight and her enhance... Read more


GANGREL - INDEPENDENT - shapeshifting, strength, speed, enhanced senses, control over animals, defense. Xaviar used to be an influencial member for the Gangrel in the hierarchy of vampire society, ... Read more

Paul Forrest

the false prophet - RAVNOS - INDEPENDENT - powers of illusions, defense, charisma. He is not very powerful on his own, but he has quite good abilities to help his fellow Ravnos. And of course he ha... Read more

Mata Hari

RAVNOS - INDEPENDENT - power of illusions, poisonous blood, defence, enhanced senses, stealth/invisibility. Mata is the master of illusions. She is capable of impersonating to be from any clan, so ... Read more


Califf of Alamut - ASSAMITE - INDEPENDENT - poisonous blood, strength, speed, mind control, stealth/invisibility. He is the perfect assassin. He can sneak in unnoticed and control his preys mind. O... Read more

Owain Evans

the wanderer - VENTRUE - ANTI-TRIBU - mind control, defense, speed, enhanced senses, charisma. The Ventrue are known for their politics and hierarchy, which means not a lot of freedom. Owain is a r... Read more

Reverend Blackwood

TREMERE - ANTI-TRIBU - blood magic, mind control, stealth/invisibility. He does not seem to have a lot of abilities, but what he does, he does well. Blood magic is his speciality. Hardly anyone can... Read more


the Noah GANGREL - ANTI-TRIBU - strength, speed, shapeshifting, control over animals, defense, stealth/invisibility. Gangrel usually start out quite humane and slowly turn into a monster/animal. En... Read more

Dolphin Black

MALKAVIAN - ANTI-TRIBU - power of insanity, enhanced senses, stealth/invisibility. She is the role model for insanity. She accepts orders from no one, she accepts no structure whatsoever. No tellin... Read more


NOSFERATU - ANTI-TRIBU - strength, control over animals, mind control, stealth/invisibility. Cailian is quite happy in a hierarchy, one that means power to the strongest! And he has power. If anyon... Read more


the leatherface of detroit NOSFERATU - ANTI-TRIBU - strength, speed, power over animals, stealth/invisibility. He is very strong and he is eager to fight. And he has anger enough to rush someone in... Read more

Marthe Dizier

TOREADOR - ANTI-TRIBU - speed, shapeshifting, enhanced senses, charisma, stealth/invisibility. Toreador admire beauty and look very sophisticated. This is true for Marthe also. Only Toreador act so... Read more


BRUJAH - ANTI/TRIBU - strength, speed, blood magic, charisma. He is a master in combining charm, intimidation and sheer violence. He is part of an aggressive clan ruled by the strongest and he is a... Read more


the templar of Du Mont BRUJAH - ANTI-TRIBU - strength, speed, defense, charisma. He is much stronger than the average vampire and he is very defensive of what he holds dear. He is over-aggressive a... Read more

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