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Category 5

You scored 64/10 sexiness!

That's right, my bikini pants are round my ankles and you've got me. All I can say is - "Shag me harder!" You are my fantasy guy and I've been desperate for you since the bus!
What a shame we live like 5000 miles away and you'll never get to see inside my pants - 'cos your welcome there any time! Never mind eh? Message me anyway ;)

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    They scored 64% on sexiness, higher than 87% of your peers.

All possible test results

You're a woman!

Err... sorry but I'm not gay! [In case you were interested though your score is negative - so if you got -1 well done... I guess, if you got -10 it doesn't make any difference anyway!] Read more

Pants? Not likely!

Does that arm on the hip tell you anything? I'm not impressed! Some of my friends tell me I'm easy, but not that easy. This ... Read more

Meh... why not?

I haven't exactly been desperate for you since meeting, I mean that y... Read more

Come get 'em!

I'm rubbing myself all over. You've got inside... mission success! You are close to my ideal fantasy guy, I'm not exactly drooling ... Read more

Category 5

That's right, my bikini pants are round my ankle... Read more

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