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You scored 59 %Activeness, 34 %Temperment, and 71 %Intelligence!

You know youre about average and you dont mind that becuase youre actually smarter than most people. You keep that to yourself though because you do not want to rub it in. You have a little temper but it takes a lot to push you over the edge.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Activeness Distribution

    They scored 59% on Activeness, higher than 48% of your peers.

  • Temper-Patience Distribution

    They scored 34% on Temper-Patience, higher than 19% of your peers.

  • Intelligence Distribution

    They scored 71% on Intelligence, higher than 66% of your peers.

All possible test results


You dont really do much, you dont get too pissed off about things but it is probably because you arent smart enough to know whats going on... its okay if someone cuts you in half you can turn into two... Read more


Just above the worm... youre still laze and easy going but a little smarter... you can at least climb up walls... but thats about the extent of your talents... its okay though it could be worse... you... Read more


Its okay if you dont like to do very much... I mean as a sloth at least you can go from tree to tree and pretty much just hang out... things tend not to piss you off and youre lazy but at least you ar... Read more


Well lets put it this way... youre pretty lazy and youre not ver smart but if someone pisses you off you might do something about it... not to bad since your still a panda... hey save me some bamboo Read more

Snapping Turtle

Youre really slow but not afraid to bite someone if they piss you off. Its okay youre not the stupidest animal but being slow really hinders you. maybe one day youll evolve to something a little sweet... Read more

Moray Eel

You may be kind of lazy but at least we know if you get pissed off youre smart enough to do something about it... dont worry youre probably not this ugly and if you are its okay youll kick some ass Read more


Man wolverines are sweet... you get kind of pissed off sometimes and youre pretty lazy but we know that since you arent oo smart youll attack us for now reason anyway... youre not to be taken for gran... Read more


You like to sleep a lot and you get pissed off a lot but we know to be careful of you. You will bite us... and we are scared but some of us know to poke you in the gills and you will leave us alone...... Read more


You would rather be under a rock and left alone but youre smart enough to know that youre a bad ass and something not to be messed with. You have the intelligence and temperment to kick some ass but y... Read more


People do not really mess with you and you lke it that way. You basically want to be left alone because you only really move out of neccesity and thats fine by everyone else. You dont get too mad abou... Read more


You are only a step above the cow... but look at the bright side... it is because you are smarter. You figured out what that long neck was for. As a person youre of average intelligence and youre pret... Read more


You have pretty good patience and your about average on the activness skill but you have the intelligence to be that way and like it. You dont get too pissed off about things but who else could eat ba... Read more


You may not be very smart but you arent afraid to kick some ass to make up for it. People may think youre lazy but youre always moving under water. Hippos are mysterious and so are you I just cant fig... Read more

Orca Whale

youre pretty average over all. You are smart when you want to be and can kick some ass as well. The thing is we know youd rather just be middle of the road so if we stay on your good side we are safe. Read more


You know youre about average and you dont mind that becuase youre actually smarter than most people. You keep that to yourself though because you do not want to rub it in. You have a little temper but... Read more


Even though you arent very smart people wont mess with you because you have one bad ass attitude to back yourself up. You are about average on the activity meter but you have a temper nobody wants to ... Read more


You are about middle of the road and average in everything but nobody is about to piss you off. Youve got a temper so believe me i wasnt eyeing your bannana it was that guy over there. Youre smarter t... Read more


Youre almost extinct its okay to be pissed off all the time. Plus you have the intelligence to back it up and make nobody want to mess with you. Youre sleak and graceful but youd rather sit in your tr... Read more


You dont get mad very easily and you are full of energy but you still have a lot to learn. People adore you but they dont want to be you because chasing toy mice and sniffing cat nip isnt thier thing.... Read more


You walk around the range all day and you can be pretty smart when you want to. People generally like you becuase youre so patient. Plus youre totally a shower if we need you to be one. Read more


You are full of energy and intelligence. This is definitley one of th ebest animals to be becuase you have patience and understanding and hey youre really really smart. Plus dolphins are the only anim... Read more


You may not be smart but youve got a temper and and the energy to go with it. People know better than to mess with you because of that. Its okay you can always get smarter but not much dumber. Read more


youre pretty much middle of the road but you have a crap load of energy to boot. People know better than to mess with you and thats cool because youre pretty smart too. Read more


Youre very loyal and have a ton of energy. You have a temper that we know better than to set off but overall we know you wont get to mad at anyone because youre msarter than that. Mans best friend... ... Read more


You have a bad ass attitude and the energy to go with it. People wont mess with you because they know you arent smart enough to stop after you have kicked thier asses. Just because youre stupid doesnt... Read more


You have a lot of energy and you have a bad attitude but at least youre smart enough to know when to control that attitude. You look cute fuzzy on the outside but youre packing a punch on the inside. Read more


King of the Jungle... or so they say... you are full of energy, have short fuse, but youre smart enough to handle it. People wont mess with you because youre intimidating and thats because youre every... Read more

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