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Their result for The Kinky Activist Test ...

Paternalistic Kink

73 politics, 27 activism, 93 kinkiness

Liberal Philanthropist Fetishist/Kink-a-holic
You might be kinky, but your politics are definitely not as solid when it comes to viewing the world and change. It's likely that you view social change more in terms of those with power to be benevolent, rather than trying to challenge those relations of power. Looking critically at your sex practices, you may find that this approach also guides your interest in kink.
Want to become kinkier or more of an activist?
Try to evaluate what the basis of your morals and views on life and sex are. Have you ever examined why it is you think a certain way, act a certain way or are attracted to certain kinds of people? Questioning the assumptions that make up the basis of how you view the world is a first step.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • politics Distribution

    They scored 73% on politics, higher than 41% of your peers.

  • activism Distribution

    They scored 27% on activism, higher than 3% of your peers.

  • kinkiness Distribution

    They scored 93% on kinkiness, higher than 60% of your peers.

All possible test results


Conservative/Neo-Liberal Non-Activist Prude/Traditionalist If you score on the lower end (i.e. 0-24 percent)... You are a conservative in the purest sense. Not only do your po... Read more

Kinky Conservative

Conservative/neo-Liberal Non-Activist Fetishist You are more conservative with your politics and actions than you are with sex . Your political views might be slightly more liberal than a... Read more

Caring Conservative

Conservative/neo-Liberal Philanthropist Prude/Traditionalist Not only do your politics reflect your conservative values, but your sexual preferences and practices also reflect your desire ... Read more

Closet Sex Fiend

Conservative/neo-Liberal Philanthropist Fetishist Your politics are conservative, though you sincerely want to make the world a better place. To do this, however, you focus mostly on altr... Read more

Conservative Thinker

Conservative/neo-Liberal Philosopher Prude/Traditionalist Conservative in politics and in sex, your outlook on the world is much more thought based and centered on how things should ideall... Read more

Head Case Kink

Conservative/neo-Liberal Philosopher Fetishist/Kink-a-holic Your politics are conservative, though you are interested in engaging the things you view as problems in the world. To do this,... Read more

Crazed Conservative

Conservative/neo-Liberal Protester Prude/Traditionalist If you score on the higher end (i.e. 0-25 percept)... You are the most extreme kind of conservative. Not only conservat... Read more

Dirty Fundamentalist

Conservative/neo-Liberal Protester Fetishist Your politics are conservative, and you fight to have them enforced. To do this, you push for your views more than trying to understand other ... Read more

Dull Average

Liberal Non-Activist Prude/Traditionalist Your politics and sex practices aren't anything exciting, and you may just be living by the standards of the status-quo. Want to become k... Read more

Apolitical Kinkster

Liberal Non-Activist Fetishist/Kink-a-holic You might be kinky, but your politics are definitely not as solid when it comes to viewing the world and change. You're probably fairly satisfi... Read more

Prude Charity Giver

Liberal Philanthropist Prude/Traditionalist It is very likely that you are the kind of person who puts efforts into fundraising for causes, and putting efforts into charity rather than soc... Read more

Paternalistic Kink

Liberal Philanthropist Fetishist/Kink-a-holic You might be kinky, but your politics are definitely not as solid when it comes to viewing the world and change. It's likely that you view so... Read more

Asexual Thinker

Liberal Philosopher Prude/Traditionalist You might be characterized as a typical philosopher, thinking through the meaning of life and what it is to be an individual, but you probably don'... Read more

Kinky Thinker

Liberal Philosopher Fetishist/Kink-a-holic Your kinkiness is something that you've thought a lot about, but your social analysis is probably something you take more for granted than really... Read more

Active Prude

Liberal Protester Prude/Traditionalist You might easily be characterized as the typical non-radical activist. You actively fight for things you believe in, but what you believe might be m... Read more

Boderline Radical

Liberal Protester Fetishist/Kink-a-holic You're mobilized and you're kinky, but your politics are somewhat liberal. Sure, individual freedom is important, but how can we exercise that fre... Read more

In Denial Activist

Socialist/Anarchist Non-Activist Prude You might have a socially progressive world view, but your lack of interest in taking action, and your somewhat traditional sex interests, suggest th... Read more

Unmobilized Kinkster

Socialist/Anarchist Non-Activist Fetishist/Kink-a-holic Your politics and kinkiness are on board, but for some reason, you choose not to take action. It's great to have a solid sense of w... Read more

Living Contradiction

Socialist/Anarchist Philanthropist Prude You occupy a strange place between your politics and your activism. It seems your political views don't thoughtfully inform the way you take actio... Read more

Confused Kinkster

Socialist/Anarchist Philanthropist Fetishist/Kink-a-holic Your politics and sexuality are more straightfoward than your views on how to go about changing the world. It seems like you migh... Read more

Socialist Thinker

Socialist/Anarchist Philosopher Prude Your politics take primacy, and you function mostly through your head rather than indulge in sensory pleasures. Make sure that you aren't avoiding is... Read more

Hot Kinky Activist

Socialist/Anarchist Philosopher Kink-a-holic You have a very developed sense of politics, sex, and action, and approach the world through thoughtful reflection rather than impulsive action... Read more

Asexual Agitator

Socialist/Anarchist Protester Prude You've got your politics down and you're ready to act, but that's about all you do. Your focus is on taking action rather than reflecting, and you're p... Read more

Hardcore Kinkster

Socialist/Anarchist Protester Fetishist/Kink-a-holic You're the kind of person who acts, probably on impulse more than thoughfulness, though you're generally going in the right direction. ... Read more

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