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You scored 33% physical, 55% magic, 33% versatile, and 72% good!

Your talents lie not in strength or magic, but your ability to get your way through talking to people (and sometimes other things.) You prefer to avoid fights and can often work your way out of them. As the name implies, you are also good at regulating disputes between other people, preferring peaceful resolutions to combat. But in a tight spot, you can also destroy enemy morale. You're handy to have around, but unfortunately there are times when talk will simply fail.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • physical Distribution

    They scored 33% on physical, higher than 48% of your peers.

  • mystical Distribution

    They scored 55% on mystical, higher than 68% of your peers.

  • versatile Distribution

    They scored 33% on versatile, higher than 30% of your peers.

  • good Distribution

    They scored 72% on good, higher than 82% of your peers.

All possible test results


You are not particularly strong, or magical, and while you might be very good at one particular thing, it tends to be something that gets overlooked. You have a few tricks up your sleeve, sure, and yo... Read more


Your talents lie not in strength or magic, but your ability to get your way through talking to people (and sometimes other things.) You prefer to avoid fights and can often work your way out of them. ... Read more


You're pretty good at music. You're your group's source of entertainment and you can boost morale. When you need to, you can also make some very dissonant music that can drive your enemies nuts and ma... Read more


Your talent lies in getting useful effects out of things you have with you. You have a decent understanding of first aid and can probably heal someone's wounds using some simple herbs. If you have any... Read more

Time Mage

You control a very specific branch of magic: Manipulation of space and time. You are capable of making time flow more quickly for your allies and making your enemies slow down, or even stop. You can a... Read more

White Mage

You are a very mystical, caring person. You seek to ease the suffering of those around you, and as a result you have a mastery of healing and defensive magic. You are extremely valuable to your team b... Read more


No, not the little device that crunches numbers for you. You are able to harness just about any magic, but what makes your abilities special is that you can focus them on things that have specific att... Read more


You have a special bond to some very powerful things from alternate planes of existence. At your beck and call, these creatures can come forth and lay their wrath upon your enemies, or help your frien... Read more


You tend to have a tactical approach to things, and you like to manipulate the balance of things. In combat, you can create a number of useful effects - but you can't do much else. Read more


You understand the importance of fighting, but since you're not the strongest around, you'd prefer not to endanger yourself by being in the middle of the fray. However, you don't have the best grasp o... Read more


You are more self-serving than anything else. You'll fight if necessary, and you could probably hold your own against most people, but you'd prefer to sneak or outwit your way out of it. You're also f... Read more


Also known as the Trainer. You are fond of animals, almost to the point where you seem to have a special bond with them. This leads to you occasionally being able to direct beasts to do what you want ... Read more

Black Mage

Whee, destruction and doom! You might not have a cold, black heart, but chances are you're pretty evil. You're also in tune with elemental forces, which you prefer to use to harm other things. And you... Read more


You are especially in tune with nature, to the point that you can get the very terrain and weather around you to conform to your will. However, this is a limited effect - good luck getting a blizzard ... Read more

Red Mage

You're a real jack of all trades. You're very mystical, but you prefer balance, favoring healing and defensive magic equally with elemental and destructive magic. You're pretty good with a sword, too.... Read more

Blue Mage

You are a very fast learner. Often you are able to figure out how someone does something just by watching them do it a few times. Since there are all sorts of things you can learn this way, you can be... Read more


Grr! Smash! Kill! You are exceptionally strong, and you know how to use it to full effect. You are also prone to anger easily, and are known to fly into a rage and savagely attack your enemies without... Read more


Also known as the Fighter or Warrior. You are strong, well versed in combat, and very loyal and honorable. However, you're probably not the brightest out there. But that doesn't matter too much, becau... Read more


Also known as the Lancer. You are exceptionally strong and agile. You prefer lances and spears to smaller weapons. You are familiar with several combat techniques, the most distinctive and impressive ... Read more


You are strong, and above all, extremely honorable. You also have a good head for tactics and techniques. While your colleague the Knight might like swords a lot, you are extremely skilled at using on... Read more

Mystic Knight

Also known as the Sorceror. You prefer a healthy balance of mental and physical training. As a reult, you are uniquely able to apply the mystic arts to your fighting style, imbuing your weapon with el... Read more


You like to train your body and mind. Especially your body. You are a big fan of the martial arts, and can often hurt someone with your bare hands as much as someone else can do with a weapon. However... Read more


You're a sneaky one, aren't you? Strong, powerful, and above all, stealthy, you go unseen until you decide you want people to know that you're there. You're good with close range weapons as well as th... Read more


Congratulations, you're a Mimic! Very little is known about you personally, since you can fit in anywhere you go and do anything you see someone else do. Your capacity for imitation is unparallelled; ... Read more

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