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Their result for The Do You BELONG In The South? Test ...

Learn What WWJD Is

You managed to get: 55% Belonging, 37% Religiousness, 78% Southern Smarts.

You would definitely fit in in the South, if you pretended you were Christian.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • belonging Distribution

    They scored 55% on belonging, higher than 54% of your peers.

  • religiousness Distribution

    They scored 37% on religiousness, higher than 22% of your peers.

  • southern smarts Distribution

    They scored 78% on southern smarts, higher than 66% of your peers.

All possible test results

Damn Yankee

You don't belong in the South. If you do happen to live there, move ASAP. Seriously, rednecks are dangerous. Read more

You Know Us, But...

...you ain't us. You seem to know some things about us Southerners, but you are SO not one of us. Go back to New York or wherever you came from. Read more

Religious Yankee

You're a yankee, but at least you are on the Lord's good side. You might be able to make it in the South... but I would risk it if I were you. Read more

You Know Some Stuff

You know some stuff about the South, and you seem to be on the same page as us religiously, but for whatever reason, you don't quite belong. Read more

Yankee w/ Potential

You kind of maybe might belong in the South, with some time. Not likely, but not impossible. Study up on Southern culture and act religious, and you might make it. Read more

You Might Fit In...

If you went to the south, you'd probably kinda fit in, if you kept your religious beliefs to yourself. Read more

Study Up!

If you were to move to the South, you'd probably fit in after you studied up and observed our culture some more. Read more

You'd Make It...

If you moved to the South, you wouldn't totally belong, but you'd definitely be accepted. Read more

You Could Fake It

Your religious beliefs are totally anti-South and you ain't the sharpest Southern tool in the shed, but you could probably pull it off in Alabama or somethin' if you wanted. Read more

Learn What WWJD Is

You would definitely fit in in the South, if you pretended you were Christian. Read more

You Don't Know Us

You could fit in in the South if you knew us rednecks better. Read more

Not Totally, But...

...durn near close! You weren't born for the South, but you'd make it if you had to. Read more

You'd Belong...

...but if you decided to move to the South, you'd have to act Christian. You'd also have to learn who Gretchen Wilson is and watch Blue Collar TV every once in a while. Read more

God Hates You...

...but if you acted as though you were Christian, the rednecks wouldn't have a single problem with you! Read more

Study And You Got It

You would totally fit in in the South, with a little more blue-collar cultural studying. Read more

You might be...

...a redneck if: You scored this high on the quiz! You definitely belong in the South! In fact... are you sure you weren't born in Texas or sumthin'? Read more

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