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Their result for The Don't Be A Cunt Test ...

Distinctly mediocre.

You scored 39% Cuntishness and 65% Ferocity!

Where do i start?... actually, fuck it - i can't bothered to write about you at all. come back when you're more of a cunt!

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Cuntishness Distribution

    They scored 39% on Cuntishness, higher than 86% of your peers.

  • Ferocity Distribution

    They scored 65% on Ferocity, higher than 98% of your peers.

All possible test results


you are a complete pussy - don't you care about anything? Does nothing about this world rile you up enough that you just had to burst out in spots of evil? Apparently not. Still, this probably mean... Read more

angry but lazy

You scored reasonably high in the ferocity stakes, however, you seem to lack the initiative to do anything about it. Rather than sitting home masturbation over flyers from your local wet fish shop, g... Read more


Yeah yeah, mate, i heard it all before - you're so ferocious i'm trembling! however you never put your ferocity into practice with any cuntish deeds. You must be a simmering pot of rage, just ready ... Read more

Bit of a Cunt

ok so you someitmes back up your cuntish thoughts with ferocious actions, but not enough!! 50% ferocity is what i expect as a minimum, even from old people. What the fuck is wrong with you? Read more

Distinctly mediocre.

Where do i start?... actually, fuck it - i can't bothered to write about you at all. come back when you're more of a cunt! Read more

Ooooh, so fierce

Wow, are those the eyes of satan himself? or are you just stoned? so you're not that much of a cunt, but you're pretty angry about something. Why not take some of that anger out on a passing nun? I... Read more

Kind of Tedious and

There is little malice in your behavious, however, your actions can easily be misinterpreted as the works of an ubercunt. Stop wearing those ironic mickey mouse ties and you could probably make a fri... Read more

Malice aforethought

you're a pretty nasty bastard, and you know it. keep pushing forward, the only way to make the best of your utter cuntishness is to be as brazen as possible about it. If someone tells you you're a c... Read more

Mr, Mrs, or Ms Angry

You're hardly levelheaded but at least you balance intention with action; you intend to be a cunt, and you act like one. Read more

What went wrong?

Tiny amounts of ferocity, yet large scale cuntishness - i think you need to think before you act. its clear that you don't really intend all of the evil stuff you do, but nevertheless you are a grade... Read more

Satan's sister?

you're pretty evil, however - if you really want to impress members of the opposite sex, my advice to you is to go all out - be the biggest cunt you can be. Read more

Angry Cunt

You're a ferocious old bastard, you never liked your family but was the inceident with the snake and the lubricant really neccessary? Try to balance your yin and yang. if you don't you'll probably e... Read more

Accidental Hero

You total cunt, it's almost forgivable as you don't mean to do most of what you do. you are not ferocious in any way - just a miserable misanthropic cunt. Think before you act and things could start... Read more

Fierce Cunt

You are pretty rash and it is bad to get on the wrong side of you, unfortunately there is no right side of you. you are a big sphere full of wrong. Read more


You are the purest form of evil known to man. or woman. or child. (especially child). you are a goat panty sniffing, drug selling, crack pimp and the sooner one of your malicious acts backfires th... Read more

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