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Free flying being

You scored 38 sex-philosphy, 74 AWH-Politics, 78 spirituality, and 71 JFK-closeness!

Your main purpose is to look for freedom. You hate to be bound. You like JFK because he stands for your personal freedom. But you don't share any particular relationship with him. You just enjoy being a free butterfly on the meadows JFK may guard. You are spiritual and believe in the worth of every being. You enjoy the AWH-Universe because it is occupied by free people with free toughts.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • sex-philosphy Distribution

    They scored 38% on sex-philosphy, higher than 18% of your peers.

  • AWH-Politics Distribution

    They scored 74% on AWH-Politics, higher than 84% of your peers.

  • spirituality Distribution

    They scored 78% on spirituality, higher than 89% of your peers.

  • JFK-closeness Distribution

    They scored 71% on JFK-closeness, higher than 74% of your peers.

All possible test results


Okay. We understand. We think you are a conservative, nasty, boring, intolerant and prude moron who doesn't recognize the wisdom and beauty of JFK ad his philosophy. Don't take this personal, we are t... Read more


It seems you are the traditional JFK-Admirer - JFK the historical one. Or maybe you just share his likes. Your toughts and preferences match with those of the famous President. You are not really in... Read more

Lone Pagan

The AWH-Series probably mainly appeal to you because a lot of the portrayed spirituality matches with your own beliefs or philosphy. You are not a particular fan of JFK. A lot of his viewpoints may no... Read more

Common path

JFK inspires you. You share a lot of his way to look at things. Even if your particular viewpoints may vary and you don't agree with him dot by dot, his personal way appeals to you. You see life in a ... Read more

Liberal Citizen

You are liberal and care for civil and social rights. You are a free thinker and you stand for as much personal freedom as possible but also for a righteous system that prevents oppression. You would ... Read more

Political friend

You admire JFK as a statesman. Even if you don't approve his private life and private opinions, you are the one with whom he could discuss politics and social issues all night long. You like the readi... Read more

Free flying being

Your main purpose is to look for freedom. You hate to be bound. You like JFK because he stands for your personal freedom. But you don't share any particular relationship with him. You just enjoy being... Read more

soul mate

You really like JFK, you admire him, his philosphy and you enjoy the freedom and ideas that rules the AWH-Kingdom. You would make a wonderful staff-member of the Antique White House, even tough you pr... Read more

Sensual Being!

The thing that appeals to you in the AWH-Universe is its free sexuality. You may like JFK for his sensuality and you even might want to sleep with him. Or with his wives. Or husbands. Anyway: You like... Read more

JFK's lover

You are not only a very sensual person, you have Sex to share and you would like to share it with JFK. For a night with JFK you'd probably sell your Granny at Ebay! You don't really care for his poli... Read more

spirited sensuality

What fascinates you, is the link between spirituality and sensuality. Carnal lust and religious belief are no opposites for you. They belong to eachother. Unfortunally this view is not very aknowledge... Read more

Fellow of JFK

Well, you and JFK go very well together. You share his spirituality, his sensuality and would probably be fine as a member of the White House retinue with all aspects involved; the rituals and the org... Read more


You are a strong believer in personal freedom and equality. You may not share part or the entire spirituality of the World of AWH, but that's everybody's private business anyway. You don't necessary f... Read more

Liberal citizen

You are definitely into new toughts, utopies and originality. You think that JFK is an unusual person and therefore he can get your interest. You also share most of his philosophy and viewpoints. You ... Read more


You are a liberal thinker. Open to every new idea. You may not much care for JFK personnally. As far as he shares your ideals, it is okay with you. Your goals may be the same, but not your ideas how ... Read more

JFK's Spouse

Well, In your mind you are married with JFK. He seems to be your soul-mate. And the Kingdom of Antique White House the real homeland of your heart. This reality is only an exile for you where you actu... Read more

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