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Executive Councilman

You are 47% Old and 71% Mature!

You're more mature than the average middle-aged human. You were probably either the Premature Geezer or the Yuppie Scum at some point in your earlier life, and the description may still apply to you - and now it'll be more acceptable. So yeah, some people probably find you a little standoffy, but ignore them - you may well be their boss. And if you're not, you certainly could be someday.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • age points Distribution

    They scored 47% on age points, higher than 78% of your peers.

  • maturity points Distribution

    They scored 71% on maturity points, higher than 60% of your peers.

All possible test results

Junior High Student

You are the most dangerous and destructive force on earth. Young, psycho, and too immature to recognize that you are not invincble, it's no wonder there are some people who think you should be locked... Read more

Typical Teenager

You are still young and your lack of understanding of adult culture certainly shows it, but in spite of this, it's easy for adults to have a light conversation with you because you are more mature tha... Read more

Beyond Your Years

Well, your mind lives in this decade, but not your conscience. You are calm, cool, collected, and studious, but you're not aversed to having a little fun once in a while either. Your elders probably... Read more

Junior Politician

You're an oddball. In spite of being so mature for your age that it's almost ridiculous, you have learned almost nothing about adult culture from the adults who probably relate to you better than peo... Read more

You Cheated

Either that or you really need to live a little. I can't see how anyone who is as mature as you profess to be could be as young in years as your mental score would indicate. It's okay to have fun SO... Read more

Frat Brother

Depending on EXACTLY how you answered some of these questions, it is possible that you are even more dangerous and destructive than the Junior High Student. Let's get a few things straight right now:... Read more

College Student

You are less inherently dangerous than your cousin the Frat Brother. In fact, depending on how old you are in actuality, you're probably a pretty normal human being. You have time to acquire maturit... Read more

Business Major

You're an ambitious young adult. You have retained enough of your young person-ness to sometimes have a little fun, but you have acquired some communicating-both-verbally-and-nonverbally-with-older-p... Read more

Premature Geezer

Congratulations, you're like me, meaning you belong to the coolest group. We premature geezers are young people who desperately need to lighten up. Sure, we can have a LITTLE fun sometimes, but we m... Read more

Yuppie Scum

Good lord! Do you just really enjoy sucking up to/looking down your nose at people, or are you that oblivious when it comes to culture before this decade, or both? You could stand to lighten up a li... Read more

Midlife Crisisee

Oooooookay. Let's get some things straight. I don't know whether you're just really well-versed in older pop culture or whether you're really middle-aged, but whatever the case, something VERY inter... Read more

American Politician

There's still time to save you. You are far too immature for the mind you seem to profess, but there's time for you to catch up. Just make sure you don't DEscend. It's the people like you who are t... Read more


You're one of those typical American taxpayers the politicians are always yammering away about. You blend in so much in a crowd it's a wonder we can even see you; you never do anything that could be ... Read more

Executive Councilman

You're more mature than the average middle-aged human. You were probably either the Premature Geezer or the Yuppie Scum at some point in your earlier life, and the description may still apply to you ... Read more


Look at it this way. When you're already this mature at your age, it's like you have nowhere to go from there. Sure, this applies to a lot of these descriptions, but your case seems to be the one th... Read more

MAJOR Midlife Crisis

What HAPPENED? There must have been SOME point in your life where you had grown up a bit - you could hardly be as mentally aged as you profess to be without having acquired a little maturity along th... Read more

Mildlife Crisisee #2

You're effectively on the same level as the midlife crisisee, except that it appears to have struck you (most unfortunately) a bit later in your life. Your family, particularly your mother and signif... Read more

Recent Retiree

Seems that you're at a good point in your life. You've become wise and worldly, and in spite of this, you have only average maturity. This could be either a good or a bad thing. It could mean you j... Read more

Going With the Flow

You're a slightly older version of the Layman. You've probably been average as far as both savvy and maturity go all your life - unless, of course, you are in reality closer to eighteen or eighty, in... Read more

Dick Cheney

You scare people. Nuff said. You're both older and more knowledgeable than most and have the same fun-loving soul as a dead man. People probably aren't sure how to act around you. Pick up a hobby ... Read more

You Cheated, Too

You MUST have looked up some of the trivia answers on the age page. There is no other way. Well, I suppose you could be both really knowledgeable/old and really immature, in which case you are very ... Read more

Old Age Crisis

Okay, for you, it's way too late to be reliving your childhood the way you seem to be trying to. Young and people probably give you strange looks when you walk down the street. You're a bizarre and ... Read more

Youthful Age

Still got a little youth and vitality left, have you? Good for you. Use it well. It's probably a little late for your maturity to grow much more, but you're not so low on that respect that it's tim... Read more

Old Fogie

Please don't take offense at the category title. I, as a young person, hold you in the highest regard. You've lived a full and worldly life and yet are still able to look at some things and smile. ... Read more

Legally Dead

Either that or so boring you might as well be. But maybe this just means you've lived a long, worthy life, in which case I congratulate you and wish you the best on the next step of your journey. Bu... Read more

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