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Their result for The What Super-Hero Would You Be Test ...

Captain Flight

You scored 40 Super-Strength, 40 Invisibility, 19 X-Ray Vision, and 5 Evil-ness!

Your emense strenght allows you to flee from battle easily! You can smash through walls! (and hide) You can run emense distances! (and hide) You can take on any foe! (too bad you are hiding)

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Super-Strength Distribution

    They scored 40% on Super-Strength, higher than 64% of your peers.

  • Invisibility Distribution

    They scored 40% on Invisibility, higher than 81% of your peers.

  • X-Ray Vision Distribution

    They scored 19% on X-Ray Vision, higher than 74% of your peers.

  • Evil-ness Distribution

    They scored 5% on Evil-ness, higher than 15% of your peers.

All possible test results

Average Man!

You are so average you may actually not be a Super-Hero at all. In fact you are Clarke Kent without hi alter-ego Superman. Read more

Darkness Man

How can you bee so evil!? Why not just drown some puppies and call it a day! Read more

Horn-Dog Man

You must love those tights to show of your body! It seems your are in the Super-Hero game just for the "ACTION" wink wink. Read more

The Peeper

Your combonation of x-ray vision ad evil-ness makes you ideal for a college slumber party! You chramingly devious bastard you! Read more

The Hider

Why dont you just go hide under your bed while the big strong folks go save the day. Mabey you could make some of that pudding you are famous for. Read more

The Lurker

You are evil yet timid. You have terrific plans for world domination (as long as you dont have to leave your lair) Grow a pair and mabey it will happen. Read more

The Watcher

You dont have the intelligence to think of a use for any of your powers so you watch life pass you by as a cashier at a Wal-Mart. You Secretly get a thrill when checking out peoples undergarments thou... Read more

Captian Potential

Now you have some serious potential. Unfortunatly becouse you are such a loser none of your evil plans will come to fruition. You will instead sit at home in your evil lair and watch "soft-core" porn... Read more

Caption Obvious

You are the most onvious of all super-hero types; however, you dont have the intelligence to beat any serious threats because they will always outwitt you. Dumb-ass! Read more

Dr. Kapow

You are evil, and since you dont care who knows it you get caught a lot. You are looking for a fight and will crush most opponents; however, since you are too dumb to actually come up with a plan your... Read more

Strong & Horny Kid

Your combinaton of strength and horniness makes you a pretty stupid individual. You let your "horny-ness" controll your actions and because you are so strong you end up "picking up" people literally ... Read more

Capt. Dirty Old Man.

Uh oh! As you aproach members of the opposite sex the flee in terror! You are strong, horny, AND evil. This combonation keeps you from world domination but keeps you in the singles bars. Read more

Captain Flight

Your emense strenght allows you to flee from battle easily! You can smash through walls! (and hide) You can run emense distances! (and hide) You can take on any foe! (too bad you are hiding) Read more

Dr. Quite Riot

You love mass destruction; however, you dont like the thought of getting caught so you sit at home and work out thinking about vampires. Your arch-nemisis once forced you to give a speech to Richard ... Read more

Capt. Pee-Wee

The Pee-Wee Herman of super-heros. You love the back seat of an adult movie theater but your enourmous muscles draw un-wanted attention. You are in other words A FREAK! Read more

AverageMan (Bizzaro)

You are exactly like average man only completly opposite. DUH! (Because you are form Bizzaro World) Read more

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