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Pabst Blue Ribbon

(0% dark & bitter, 100% working class, 67% genuine)

Oh, Pabst, beer of barbeques, beer of youth, beer of liberty! In my care-free days, Pabst was my drink of choice. I made most of my best friends over cans of this stuff and made many of my first kisses with it on my lips (and breath...uhg). Yeah, Pabst doesn't exactly have the most refined taste going, and my guess is the same can be said for you. I'm not saying you or Pabst is anything short of awesome. Just that you both appreciate a good dirty joke. (Can a beer be said to appreciate a joke? You know what I mean.)

You have an outgoing personality. You like a good time, and you often create one just by being around. But unlike many popular people, there's a lot of substance to you: you scored quite highly on the "genuine" part of the test. Pabst is for real fun, not for company-sponsored, after-work "socials"! See Budweiser Select for that.

Anyhow, nostalgia dictates that I congratulate you on your score on this test. Cheers!

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • dark Distribution

    They scored 0% on dark, higher than 4% of your peers.

  • workingclass Distribution

    They scored 100% on workingclass, higher than 75% of your peers.

  • genuine Distribution

    They scored 67% on genuine, higher than 33% of your peers.

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