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(33% dark & bitter, 100% working class, 33% genuine)

Ah, Corona...you're light, you're tasty, you come in a distinct, attractive package, and you're about as authentically Mexican as the taut brunette in the poster. Her name, by the way, is Linda O'Neil. True fact.

Anyhow, you scored above average on the "Working Class" axis of my test, and, seeing as I'm calling you a "Corona" you're probably thinking something along the lines of "I hate you." But the thing is, for a lot of people I know, drinking a few Coronas is about as close as they'll ever come to that Acapulco Resort that so many other people seem to hit every few months. So I think of this beer as Jet Blue for the proletariat. Scoring "Corona" is a compliment, I assure you.

Personality-wise, your scores indicate you have a light, easy-going personality (i.e maybe you'd need a lime to give you some bite!) and this makes you likeable & quite popular. Like most such people, you can, at times, seem a little superficial. Hence the ad featuring the Irish lady with the fake tan above. But here's the real deal: nobody minds someone who's not always what they seem. One example: whereever Ms. O'Neil's from, she's damn hot. And another: I'm Mexican. I drink Corona. I hate Tecate. Not everything that's hard-core "authentic" is all that great.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • dark Distribution

    They scored 33% on dark, higher than 17% of your peers.

  • workingclass Distribution

    They scored 100% on workingclass, higher than 75% of your peers.

  • genuine Distribution

    They scored 33% on genuine, higher than 12% of your peers.

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