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Super Pooper

Congratulations! You scored ###!

You are a Party Pooper! People probably know not to invite you.

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    They scored -14% on partypoints, higher than 15% of your peers.

All possible test results

Super Pooper

You are a Party Pooper! People probably know not to invite you. Read more

Wall Flower Power

You enjoy going to social events as long as they're not anything crazy. You sense danger if you or your friends get wasted, and you're probably a very good friend to have around to keep an eye on the... Read more

Mild Wild Child

You enjoy an exciting social scene. You love being around your friends and getting a little tipsy can be a fun part of that, but you have your head on strait. You know your limits and stick to them.... Read more

The Hardy Party

You're out to have a wild night, and your probably succeed often. You are aware of your limits, and stick to them most of the time, although you've probably spent some time hugging the toilet and goo... Read more

Ballistic Hedonistic

You are a shooting star! You've probably had a lot of outrageously fun nights and even a few sick, locked-up, or downright unrecallected ones. You're soaring high on excitement and danger, but be ca... Read more

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