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And just what are you supposed to be, anyway?

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You look pretty worried, and people we'll ask you what's wrong, but it's all cool. S'all good. Read more

Guinea Pig

You do have sudden burst of nervousness, and you are a small animal, but with proper care and attention, you can be quite friendly and affectionate. However, you are dumb, dumb, dumb, and that will ne... Read more


You are a rabbit, and though you seem cuddley, I'm willing to bet you can be a big fat jerk. I bet you hate it when people make jokes about your silly-looking ears. Read more


You really should be more nervous. People want to make coats out of you, you know. It's a harsh, harsh world, my friend. Read more


You don't seem nervous, but those weird quirks and habits betray you. You're smart, but possibly a little nuts. It's okay. People like you. Well, if they aren't grossed out by you, they do. Read more


You have mood swings, don't you? Sometimes you scream and bite people, sometimes you're cute and star in children's shows from Japan. Read more

Sugar Glider

Some people really like you, but there's something about you that makes me distrustful. Who has a nose like that, anyway? I mean, come on. Read more


Things have been pretty hard for you ever since that pansy Stuart Little showed up on the scene. Fear not, brighter days are ahead. Just don't eat any funny-looking pellets. Read more


And just what are you supposed to be, anyway? Read more


You shouldn't be so nervous. You're covered in sharp spines and can roll up into a ball. I'm assuming you can, anyway- you may be defective or something. Read more


You're so nervous you're barely ever SEEN. Lighten up. What, do you think you're too good for us or something? Read more


Congratulations! You are that which all things small and nervous aspire to. Read more

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