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Poker Player

You scored 80% in logic, 65% in hand-eye coordination, 65% in reflexes and 89% in memory!

It appears that your talents are being wasted. Are you currently happy with your job or your perspective job? Probably not. Are you going to be making a ton of money? Unlikely. I've discovered your problem. You are stuck in a deadend job when really you should become a Professional Poker Player!

You did exceptionally well in 2 of the areas I tested. They were memory and logic. A good poker player needs a good memory. Poker is all about playing your opponents, so you'll need to remember how they played previous hands. You have such a sharp memory you'll probably remember how they played last year when you were up against them too.

Poker players need to be logical as well. While poker is full of bluffing, you'll want to make the right percentage plays in general. That won't be a problem for you.

Finally, you also did above average on the reflexes part of my test. This will prove valuable as well. You should be able to control all those little things you might do that would give away information to your opponents. They'll help you when you are trying to pull off the bluff of the century.

The only area you didn't excell in was hand-eye coordination, so pay attention while you are playing with your chips. Enjoy your new career!

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Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • logic Distribution

    They scored 80% on logic, higher than 83% of your peers.

  • hand-eye coord. Distribution

    They scored 65% on hand-eye coord., higher than 73% of your peers.

  • reflexes Distribution

    They scored 65% on reflexes, higher than 81% of your peers.

  • memory Distribution

    They scored 89% on memory, higher than 76% of your peers.

All possible test results


You did not perform significantly better in any one of the four variables this test measured. Your skills appear to lie elsewhere, perhaps in your verbal or emotional abilities. Therefore I sugges... Read more

Secretary to CEO

Very very interesting. Clearly your area of expertise is your memory. Your mind is like a steel trap. You would make a great secretary to a CEO. For starters you memory would make you very valua... Read more


Seriously? My sources tell me that you ought to quit your job for something new. According to your set of skills you would make an excellent dictator. You did not perform amazing in any one categ... Read more


Ahoy matey! Me sources tell me yer gonna be a pirate! You performed best in the category of memory. Why your mind must be like a steel trap. A pirate must always remember where they buried their... Read more


It's time to quit your old job, because I have a new career for you. Your new job...bodyguard! That's right, find a celebrity or politician and get ready to protect them. You scored amazing in th... Read more

Soccer Player

What are you doing wasting your time in your current career? I've got a new occupation for you. According to these shocking results, you ought to become a Professional Soccer Player. You ... Read more


Wow, this is an unexpected result. From what I can tell you nearly aced the category of hand-eye coordination. You body parts seems to have an amazing ability to work well together. It's going to b... Read more


I bet you didn't see this one coming. Due to your unique talents, it is evident that the perfect career for you is to become a computer repair person. You did excellent in two categories. You d... Read more


Who'd have thunk it. Whatever you are currently doing, you are wasting your skills, because the right move for you is to become a barber! You did amazing well with your hand-eye coordination. Tha... Read more


Wow, it looks like your new career is going to be exciting. I don't know what you are currently doing, but it looks like the right thing for you is to become a firefighter! You did very well in 3 ... Read more

Telephone Repair Man

(or Woman) Well incredibly enough, it seems that whatever you are doing now, you are probably wasting your talents. My intensive examination of you reveals that you would best be suited as a Telep... Read more

Race Car Driver

Excellent! From what I can tell you are currently wasting your talents. I feel pretty certain about this. You ought to become a Professional Race Car Driver! You did superb in nearly all ... Read more

LogicProblem Creator

This one was just too obvious! You did exceptionally well in one area. You are of course a master of logic! Whereever you are now, you are probably frustrated by the lack of logic in your current... Read more

Blackjack Player

It appears that your talents are being wasted. Are you currently happy with your job or your perspective job? Probably not. Are you going to be making a ton of money? Unlikely. I've discovered yo... Read more


How peculiar? Did you ever dream that the right career for you was as a farmer? It's so simple you probably never even realized that the right career was waiting outdoors for you to come along. S... Read more

Poker Player

It appears that your talents are being wasted. Are you currently happy with your job or your perspective job? Probably not. Are you going to be making a ton of money? Unlikely. I've discovered yo... Read more

Professional Surfer

I'm not kidding. Surfs up dude! It's time for you to put your motion in the ocean, because my research has shown that your new career should be that of a Professional Surfer! You did incre... Read more

Preschool Teacher

I bet this one caught you be surprise. You did exceptionally well on my test, so I bet you are thinking, "this schmutz has a lot of chutzpah to tell me I ought to be a Preschool Teacher." Well unles... Read more


You seem to have an unusual assortment of talents. Of the variables I tested, you did the best on both logic and hand-eye coordination. So I've given it a lot of thought, and it was a tough choice... Read more


You seem to have an interesting assortment of talents. After doing so well on my test you might be wondering why you ought to be a masseuse or masseur, so let's see why. The areas you did the best... Read more

Professional Artist

Very interesting my friend. Your unique set of talents suggest that you are currently wasting your time. Why pursue your current interest of (fill in the blank here) when you could be a Professio... Read more


Impressive! Assuming you were being honest with your answers, you are a man or woman of many talents. You did well in all areas. Quit your day job, because it's time for you to become a surgeon!... Read more

Horse Wrangler

It seems your career is about to take a drastic change. After some careful consideration, I've realized that the best occupation for you is that of a Horse Wrangler. You are probably wonder... Read more


Is there nothing that you are not the master of? Your talents appear to be unlimited. By performing at an elite level in all categories you have truly proven yourself. So stop packing up groceries ... Read more

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