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Their result for The Slutty or Sexually Adventurous Test ...

Right Direction

You scored 43 experience, 16 sluttiness, and 40 adventurous!

You are still pretty new at the whole sex scene but you are definatly going in a good direction, you seem to know what's tasteful, and how to have a good time while still being naughty.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • experience Distribution

    They scored 43% on experience, higher than 22% of your peers.

  • sluttiness Distribution

    They scored 16% on sluttiness, higher than 18% of your peers.

  • adventurous Distribution

    They scored 40% on adventurous, higher than 51% of your peers.

All possible test results


Why did you even bother taking this test? It's clear that you just plain suck and that no one is interested in you and you are a loser. Read more

Slightly Adventurous

But only slightly. You are still lacking quite a bit of experience, so go out and have more sex! Just don't become a skanky hoe like your little friends. Read more

Quite Adventurous!

But how i don't know, since you still appear to be a virgin. I think you were lying. Re-take the test you stanky hoe! Read more

Kinda slutty

But that's ok, your sexual experience is still pretty low, so with some extra care and though you may still escape the stanky hoe syndrome and become the adventurous type that everyone likes. Read more


Your fate is undecided, you've had very little sexual experience, but at least you are being mindfull and trying not to build up too much of a bad rep for yourself. Good work! Read more

Lacking Experience

You score high on being adventurous, and mid zone on being slutty, but your experience is still pretty low. It's kinda like saying "I won first prize at the contest!" when you were the only contestant... Read more


You just a hoe. Go hose off, and get checked, that's nasty. Read more


But still able to be saved. You lack sexual experience so if you be careful you may be able to change your fate, keep on the safe side of things and use more common sense to build up your adventurous ... Read more

Eager to please!

Not that bad of a score. While you appear to be sluttier than most, it's definatly not as bad as it could be, you are probably the faithful kinky closet type, and i'm sure your partner(s) don't think ... Read more


Look's like you've tried some stuff, but stopped it there. Get some courage to experiment more, you only live once! Read more

Right Direction

You are still pretty new at the whole sex scene but you are definatly going in a good direction, you seem to know what's tasteful, and how to have a good time while still being naughty. Read more

Almost perfect

Don't let it get to your head though. Cause I said almost. You are very adventurous which is a good thing, it means you are fun, safe, tasteful, all sorts of good things that people are attracted to. ... Read more

A little slutty

Watch out, you are still pretty new to this game and have time to save yourself, take it easy and don't be too eager to please just yet. Read more

Right in the Middle

Not a good score, not a bad score. Unfortunatly you are right in the middle so it's hard to really make an accurate judgement. Read more

Good Mix

Not bad! You could still chalk up your experience a bit, but the main thing is you know how to have a good time, and how to show others that same good time. Read more


Sorry, that's not very attractive. Read more

Watch out!

Used merchandise comming though! I hope you shower before you go out, while you seem like the fun sexual type you have more of a nasty slutty vibe than a good times slutty vibe. Read more

Go and Explore

Hard to rate. You seem eager to please others, and yourself, so why don't you go out and do it more often? There is still a lot that you can experience. Read more

Why are you Waiting?

Looks like you are a one-timer and that's no fun! You've sure tried a lot of things, but why did you stop? Get back out there and try some more!!! Read more


Good for you, you've done it all to say that you've tried it, and you've stayed respectable and fun and not a skanky hoe. Keep working your magic to become even more adventurous and boost your sex app... Read more

Totally Adventurous!

Top score in my opinion. You are a sex fiend, and a good one at that! Very fun and experienced you know how to have a good time, stay safe, and keep a good image of youself, all while being nasty in t... Read more


I hate to say it but it's true: you're pretty slutty. But hey! At least you aren't a stanky hoe... yet... Read more

Highly Experienced

Good for you! You've gone out and done it all, had your fun, been a little dirty, but no regrets right? Keep it that way. Read more

Almost Slutty

You are doing good so far, but watch out, your fun flirtatious vibe may be starting to come across as a little slutty. Read more


Ew. really, that's gross. You got the worst category on this test. You should be ashamed. That's just dirty! I see death by herpes in your future. Read more

More Slutty than not

You look and act like a slut. Is that really what you want? Read more


I can't really rate you. You've definatly gone out and experience what sex has to offer, so good for you on that! I guess i can't really say anything bad as long as you are having a good time (which i... Read more

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