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The butterfly

You scored 33monkey, 17 toucan,17jaguar,33meerkat

You are one who simply flutters about in life not particulary attached to any group. You do not fit in lifes typical categories. Your mood can affect your day and who you hang out with or not. somedays you like the outdoors, while other days you would rather stay inside....you may however also suffer from a lack of motivation. Though when motivated you can accomplish great things.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • monkey Distribution

    They scored 33% on monkey, higher than 60% of your peers.

  • toucan Distribution

    They scored 17% on toucan, higher than 34% of your peers.

  • jaguar Distribution

    They scored 17% on jaguar, higher than 42% of your peers.

  • meerkat Distribution

    They scored 33% on meerkat, higher than 65% of your peers.

All possible test results

The butterfly

You are one who simply flutters about in life not particulary attached to any group. You do not fit in lifes typical categories. Your mood can affect your day and who you hang out with or not. someday... Read more


you are the perfect meerkat, you are timid and shy but also very curious. You love alone time, but also enjoy your family/friends. Family love and/ or close freinds is all you really need in life... I... Read more

The jaguar

you are a conquerer, it is not enough to just accomplish a task you must conquere it with caress and skill. Be careful though, sometimes this conquer mentality can drag down others in the process. Yo... Read more

The raccoon

While normally not much of a hunter, when backed in a corner you can become quite vicious. You tend to be freindly and easy going though if anyone attacks your freinds or family members you may be th... Read more


The song "I 'm as free as a bird" comes to mind. You love to be outside, though not nessarily hunting or fishing..just being outside. You love to fly, or simply enjoy a nice day at the beach or a hike... Read more

the robin

you have the timid and curiuos qualities of the meerkat but also the love of outdoors as the toucan. You are best known for books/inventions that promote family/freindship fun...You're invention of th... Read more

the hawk

you love to conquer any out doors feat be it sports, hunting or fishing. The idea of conquering mount everast has its glow apeal, you want to go out and do everything. Read more

humming bird

You are a quiet, carefree person. If met with competion however, you will meet it dead on. Though somewhat well rounded, you have a lack of playfulness, you tend to be somewhat easygoing but have a mu... Read more

silly monkey

Laughter is the best medicine, and I guess your the top distributor. You love to make others laugh, you're fun, silly and carefree. "Does this make me look ridiculous ",is usually asked full well know... Read more

spider monkey

You are very much like other monkeys in the fact that you have a love of laughter and sillyness, but unlike the silly monkey it takes more for you to loosen up. You are more quiet ( at least around t... Read more


Your humorous, but your also a conquerer. Your humor is probably more dry, witty and sarcastic. You sometimes laugh at others, and can come off as more cruel than funny at times.. sometimes your joke... Read more


you can be humorous, yet shy. Conquering yet easy going. Timid yet forceful. It all depends on the day. you can really sell it. Your playfuland carefree side may attract others to your lively side. ... Read more


You love the outdoors and you love to have fun. You may be known for your crazy stunts. OR you may simply be known for your jokes around a camp fire. You are fun, but ask you to do dinner and a movie ... Read more

Romantic penguin

Your fun spontaneou nature, mixed with your love for the outdoors as well as your loving and caring heart makes you quite the romantic. and Quite possibly quite the catch. You know how to have fun an... Read more


You are playful, love the outdoors, and a protective conquerer. You will fight for what you believe in, and stand up for anyone you care about. You are fun and rather be outside or else conquereing a ... Read more

the chameleon

You are just the right blend of all the animals to be the chameleon. You can easily blend in and adapt to new surroundings...and Usually know when to conquere, laugh, love and when to just be quiet an... Read more

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