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Why did you even take this quiz? Oh well, I'll forgive you; people make mistakes... You don't have any real interest in either gender. You may find one beautiful; but the idea of cuddling with them in... Read more


Yay; you have a perfectly well-rounded orientation, or so in your parents' opinion... You are attracted to the opposite gender(straight); and many people, especially your parents, will not have any pr... Read more


You got "arousement" and admiration mixed up. You admire/idolise someone and thought that you were gay. But in truth, you can never imagine being with them in bed; it makes you sick. Read more


Gay and Happy. Congrats. Go gather all the rest of your kind and rage against the homophobes. Read more

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You have the best orientation, in my opinion. (I'm in the same boat.) You like both the males and the females, congrats to you; you have an open choice as to who can be your mate. Don't fall in love t... Read more

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