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Made-Up Cuss Word

(50% Affinity for the Classics, 46% Opportunism and Initiative, 50% Schadenfreude, and 58% Weirdness)

Frak! Frell! Gorram it! You burst like a spark, and passers-by aren't exactly sure what they just witnessed. They think they know, but something is off. You are off. You're just weird that way. You are the Made-Up Cuss Word.

These words exist because people don't want you to hear real swear words on TV. Shows that are stuck in the real world have to water down their language to a series of flimsy "fricks" and "hells". But in a sci-fi world, the swears can be anything you want them to be -- your actors just have to sell them. With the right delivery and a healthy dose of cult appeal, it'll catch on. And just like that, geek detection becomes a teensy, weensy bit easier.

As the Made-Up Cuss Word, a place has been made for you in the present. You tend to raise the occasional eyebrow when someone first catches a glimpse of you, but people appreciate you for how you keep things a little more real without rocking the boat.
Possible Outcomes: The Cliffhanger, The Clip Show, The Commercial Break, The Crossover, The Extra Minute, The Five-Second Tape Delay, The Giant Obstructive On-Screen Ad, The Highly Publicized Girl-On-Girl Action, The Laugh Track, The Made-Up Cuss Word, The Newly-Discovered Long-Lost Relative, The Pointless Shocking Death, The Procedural Formula, The Redshirt, The Spin-Off, The Stuntcast

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Classics Distribution

    They scored 50% on Classics, higher than 27% of your peers.

  • Opportunism Distribution

    They scored 46% on Opportunism, higher than 80% of your peers.

  • Schadenfreude Distribution

    They scored 50% on Schadenfreude, higher than 84% of your peers.

  • Weirdness Distribution

    They scored 58% on Weirdness, higher than 93% of your peers.

All possible test results

Procedural Formula

You are lightning in a bottle. You are the roadmap to ratings paradise, where scripted dramas go to grow old and refuse to die. Network executives quest for you, because you hold the secrets they co... Read more

Made-Up Cuss Word

Frak! Frell! Gorram it! You burst like a spark, and passers-by aren't exactly sure what they just witnessed. They think they know, but something is off. You are off. You're just weird tha... Read more

Giant Obstructive Ad

In retrospect, the signs were clear. But no one saw you coming. You started off confined to your own space. Then, little by little, you spilled out into the open. At first, you were a tiny, faded ... Read more

Five-Second Delay

In the wake of Nipplegate, the greatest threat the nation has ever faced reared its ugly head. That enemy is... live television. Valiant soldiers banded together to form a defense against this encro... Read more

Girl-on-Girl Action

You cannot hide. Wherever you go, your presence is foretold, then chanted and sung from the highest hills in the most vibrant soprano and alto duets. People gather in swarms merely to catch a glimps... Read more


How do you get a movie star to do a TV show? How do we grab a new segment of the audience for this new TV show? How do we pump up ratings for this old and tired TV show? One solution to all these p... Read more

Pointless Death

It's the week before sweeps, and the situation is dire. People need to come to our show. Our future is riding on this. We need viewers, and we need them fast. Who do they call? You. You're the ... Read more

Extra Minute

When TiVo arrived on the scene, it was like a superhero. It could blazingly outrun the commercials. It could pause, slow down, and speed up the passage of time. It could leap entire time zones in a... Read more

Laugh Track

You are the star of most sitcoms ever written. You're familiar to pretty much every television viewer in the country, and you've helped us all laugh for years. You blend right in wherever you go, yo... Read more


It's a dangerous situation. How do we know it's dangerous? People could DIE. How do we know that? We kill people. But hold on a second, there. We can't kill the star. Or any of the other main c... Read more

Commercial Break

You are the bedrock upon which the television empire was built. Without you there would be no empire. You are absolutely and completely essential. That commands power, and you wield it in spades. ... Read more

Clip Show

Low-cost, low-risk. That's you in a nutshell. You're what the big guys call in when they just want to kick back and take it easy for a week. And you've got it pretty easy, too. All the hard work's... Read more


Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blew. You're definitely the first three. A lot of the time, you're the fourth. But every now and then lighting strikes the same-ish place... Read more


Every now and then a guy just wants to cut loose and have fun; to do wild, reckless, crazy things just for the hell of it; to be bold, fearless, and unashamed. You are the embodiment of the spirit he... Read more


You have the cushiest job in the world. You are in demand everywhere. People look to you to give their shows pop, spice, loyalty and buzz. You work for roughly ten seconds of every hour, and you ge... Read more

Long-Lost Relative

You are the first listed entry in the Yellow Pages under "Veteran Plotlines." You get calls from two kinds of people: people who stopped looking after the first thing they found, and people that have... Read more

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