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Ok, so here we are. Now pay attention class. Your final page should never be this long, but this is for teaching purposes only. Do you want to look at the questions while reading my answers? Click here and a new link back to my questions will open up The You too can get 10,000 takers! Test

1. Breasts or no breasts? Although some of the most popular tests show breasts, many others have failed. The two most successful ones don't even show them at all, they just give you a chance to see them. The reason they succeed is they are short enough tests that people think that with persistance they can break the code. If you can find a way to have a person take your test more than once, that will get you to 10,000 quicker. My choose your own adventure test is a great example. Some people might take it 5+ times. They can add up quickly.

2. Your title must grab people. In many cases it is the only thing they will see when deciding whether to take your test. "Will you Hop On Pop" is a bad title. It's too bizarre and what would your questions be? "The odds you'll die from cancer" is a poor one too. People don't come on here to take that type of test. It would definitely get some takers, but it would die quickly. "Could you survive the ghetto" could become a popular test. It appeals to a younger generation and the word "ghetto" will attract peoples attention. Of course it would have to be made well. It would probably never get a good rating. Oh, and the "Do you deserve to have a piano fall on your head" could never make it all the way to 10,000. Besides the title is too long to fit anyway.

3. You should always edit your test. Bad punctuation will lead to a lower rating, which will probably mean less takers.

4. Showing a test to a friend can be helpful. I almost never do it. A question that makes sense to you might not make sense to them. You've got double the brains, and you'll fix most obvious glitches that way. This helped on my jeopardy test.

5. Many successful tests ask yes/no questions. I personally don't like them. Sometimes I want to answer "maybe" and I can't. They are good for tests that tell you stuff like how much sexual experience you've had. If the question is, "are you a member of the mile high club?" the answer is almost never "maybe."

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6. Don't change your font size too much. It will be confusing. If you don't know how, the codes are really easy to find. For a large font you could say >font size="4"< type your stuff, and then say >/font<. The only thing is I changed the direction of these symbols >< so the code wouldn't actually work and you could see it. I'll keep doing that for the rest of this page.

7. Adding color is good. You need to make sure that you use colors that are easy on the eyes. There are website that let you get the exact code for a very specific color. If you just want it to be something simple like red, you could go >font color="red"< type your red stuff, and then go >/font<

8. Adding links within a test is cool, but probably unnecessary, unless you are trying to make a choose your own adventure test like me. I can't think of any other really good reason to do it.

9. Pictures- Use a lot of them. More is better. You should always put a picture at the end of your test, but it should be more relevant than the one I have on mine. The problem is that you are only allowed 50 pictures total for your name. You are allowed 5 tests. I made a cool test with about 25 pictures, but the other 4 tests had to share the other 25.

Update! So there is a way around this. You need to create a link to your picture, but it will show up normally. It is incredibly easy. Just go to a site to upload your picture. I recommend www.photobucket.com. It seems very user friendly. Then they will give you the code exactly as you need to use it. Just copy it. In your test create an html/text box and paste the code it. You got picture. I had my first picture in my test within 2 minutes of going to the site.

10. Here are a few more very basic codes (with the >< signs still backward.

To make a paragraph break, go >p<

To make something bold go >b< and then >/b< when you are done.

For italics and underlines do the same thing with "i" and "u".

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11. It's best to release your test early night. The day resets itself at 7 or 8 EST (depending on daylight savings time). If you release it in the morning, nobody will take it for a while. If you release it in the afternoon it will get rated more critically and still passed over. If you release it at around 5ish you have a decent chance to soar to the top of the "movers and shakers" page, the next day, and you will get a decent audience. Plus I think takers taking the test at night give better ratings. I should add that is a bad time to release a test that forces the user to use their brain a lot. They'll do poorly, rate you poorly, and your rating will be stuck low.

Oh and here's a secret. Release your test right before the top of the hour. It will be the top test on the new tests list and be seen right away.

12. When should you release your test? The best time is a bit before OKCupid! sends out their recommended list. But I'm not sure that's at a set time, so it's kind of a guessing game. A lot of tests come out on Monday. All things being equal I like a Sunday morning release. It's a quiet time usually, and you'll beat the Monday rush. End of the week is a bad idea. I'm realizing I'm breaking all the rules on this test though. Uh oh.

13. The category where you put your test hardly matters. It will give you a default picture though. However OkCupid! has a prominent link that sends people to all the categories. If you can get your test in top 10 of a category that will really help. One of my tests rose up there and went from getting about 1 taker a day to getting 15. It went back down and was ignored again.

14. A good rating will not help your test overall that much. It used to. OKCupid! is always messing around with their system. As of right now rating doesn't help too much unless...

15. You need to hope your test gets rated over about 400 pretty quickly. Don't worry, that's only 3 good ratings, with no bad ones. If you are over 400 you'll show up on the okcupid's recommended list eventually, you'll pop up on the homescreen sometimes, and you might make the e-mail.

A higher rating will help a bit. It will move you up on the recommended list. If you create an unpopular test (like this one) and get a good rating (like this one please!) it might show up on the top new tests list and stay there until the end of time. Bad ratings, or even people quitting in the middle of your test will hurt that though.

16. To ask for a good rating or not... this is a question that keeps me up at night. It can help. It can also burn you. I prefer the more subtle approach, like "I'd love to hear any positive feedback." I think their rating system is flawed. There is too much emphasis on whether people finish the test or not. You know the button that says "quit and give no rating." It gives the test a bad rating.

17. If you use OKCupid! a lot, you'll have an advantage. You'll take tests and see what works for other people. You'll also notice when they change their format. The current format helps high rated tests in all categories, but hurts the highest rated of all the tests.

Also, about 10% of new tests have a permanent glitch that will virtually destroy the test. It did it to my jeopardy test. Try taking your test frequently before launching it to make sure you don't have that glitch.

Ok, that's all! If you read all of this, wow. Now it's time for you to rate me. Remember what I tell my 1st grade students, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have written many many tests for fun on this site. Feel free to choose another one from my handy categories. If you liked a test, please rate it before continuing.

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