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Their result for The I've Been on the Internet Test ...

Old Hand

You've seen 76% of the internet, and shed 40% of the tears...

And you thought you'd seen it all!

You've been around this old internet of ours a number of times. You've seen some pretty sick stuff, and maybe you even liked some of it, but you've managed to find all the good bits and pieces. Congratulations! I bet your friends always want to know what cool stuff you're getting upto this week, and what funny new website you've found.

Are you shocked at the stuff you've missed? Have I given you enough of an inkling? I know you think the rest is garbage, but you're a little bit curious, aren't you? That Digital Underbelly... sinister... brooding... tempting... and oh, so wrong.

Don't do it! Fight against it! You'll soon lose all those friends if you get into it.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • experience Distribution

    They scored 76% on experience, higher than 57% of your peers.

  • sadness Distribution

    They scored 40% on sadness, higher than 34% of your peers.

All possible test results


You might have been on this big ol' internet, but you haven't seen the half of it! And if you're a halfway decent person, after doing this test you probably don't want to see anymore. Y... Read more


You haven't seen much internet, but you've had a good, long cry. That makes you a goth. In the small amount of things you've seen on the web, almost all of them seem to be sad things. L... Read more


How did you even get into this category? It should be impossible to do!!! No really! You can't have done all the sadest stuff on the internet without DOING the sad stuff. If you ... Read more

Site Seer

You've done all the fun stuff. You've seen all the freebies. You're an A-OK internet type person. With all the possibilities online, you've stayed a true path. You don't do degrading or... Read more

Average Netter

Congratulations! You're average. You've been to plenty of places and done plenty of stuff. Some of the stuff is a little sad, probably your LiveJournal is what's letting you down. But d... Read more

I Built the Net

To you, the internet is a tool. A tool to get the most degraded garbage you can. You don't even do the nice things on the net! You just go straight for the garbage! What is this obsessi... Read more

Net Nanny

You're a master of the internet. You do everything you can. That is, of course, without doing anything nasty. You've managed to suck the maximum amount of good, clean fun out of this ol... Read more

Old Hand

And you thought you'd seen it all! You've been around this old internet of ours a number of times. You've seen some pretty sick stuff, and maybe you even liked some of it, but you've ma... Read more


You're becoming a wierdo. Is this really where you want to go? You've managed to see a whole lot of tears, but you haven't seen everything just yet. I bet you're curious as to wh... Read more

Holy Mother

Did you seriously get into this category? I didn't think it was possible. How did you manage to miss all the tears yet see all the stuff? Please, please message me and let me know. You'... Read more


Congratulations! You're the internet master. You've managed to see just enough of it without turning yourself into a monster. And don't go any further! It's dehumanizing from here on in... Read more

Colonel Kurtz

I've seen horror... horror that you've seen. You've seen it all. This is just another pitiful test in your long line of degraded porn, sub culture horror movies and snuff footage. The i... Read more

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