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The Fling

You are hot under the sheets and you know exactly what you are doing, but if you aren't careful you will get caught!

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The Drip

Absolutely no charisma here, you have lost all personality and charm! You need to find some excitement but being a whore isn't the way to go about it! Be smooth... Read more


You lack passion and excitement but you are a great friend! You know your place, you aren't always honest to your own urges but you keep your lover happy around the house. Read more

Simply Safe

You are likely to tell your lover things they really don't want to know, but you don't have the skills to do anything too harmful anyway. Read more

The Push-Over

You are the perfect door mat! You tell your lover everything and you are entirely honourable but you don't have alot of self confidence. You'll make a great husband/wife but you need to be a bit more ... Read more

The Whisperer

You are secretive and closed. You don't offer your emotions readily and you are usually out to look after number one! Read more

The Mixed Bag

You are honorable to your partner but you lack honesty in your relationship, be true to your feelings. Read more


You are completely honest with your partner about your relationship, but you aren't always honest with yourself. Is this really what you want after all? Read more


You are likely to give off all kinds of signals, one minutes you're up, then you're down. Lies one minute, emotional confrontation the next. Be careful or your lack of wit will let you down. Read more

The Fling

You are hot under the sheets and you know exactly what you are doing, but if you aren't careful you will get caught! Read more

The Hot Catch

You are intelligent and sexy but entirely honourable! You will make your partner VERY happy, but be careful, don't fake it! Read more

The Bride/BrideGroom

Witty and honest, congratulations, when's the wedding? Read more

Fuck Me!

You are the perfect lover! Read more

Uh oh

You are likely to jump into bed with anything, anywhere as you have little self respect! Read more

The Adulterer

You are the ideal candidate for hot steamy affairs!! Cunning and secretive you are hot between the sheet and hot up top! But be careful...who knows what you might find! Read more


Have some self respect! Read more

Who knows?!

You could do anything! You may love someone but can you promise you won't cheat!? not even you know! Read more

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