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Their result for The Relgion/Political/Insaneometer Test ...

Al Franken

You scored 37 Religion, 77 Secular, 0 Non-Secular, and 13 Racist!

No religion for this person.... You don't dislike anyone.. but don't like the Abortion ban bus full of Crazys when you go to eat breakfast at McDonalds.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Religion Distribution

    They scored 37% on Religion, higher than 32% of your peers.

  • Secular Distribution

    They scored 77% on Secular, higher than 88% of your peers.

  • Non-Secular Distribution

    They scored 0% on Non-Secular, higher than 3% of your peers.

  • Racist Distribution

    They scored 13% on Racist, higher than 53% of your peers.

All possible test results


Why even take the test, your a mindless zombie man ...Freaky!! Read more

Mountain Redneck

You only know you don't like some of the poeple some of the time.. otherwise.. you don't think about stuff too much.. and stuff... Read more


Hrm you hate people just enough to maybe make Heroes out of Hitler and Maybe Casto.. Read more

Pink MadBall

You want religion in government.. but your not religious.. you are a Pink Madball, or maybe some kind of Wicca or cult follower.. Who knows........... Wiiiierd Man Read more


Know one knows why you do what you do.. you just like to stir things us.. and shoot people with your gun.. your probably insane. Read more

George W. Bush

Ok you don't like people much and you want Religion in Government.. you do little to show what a good religious person you are however which leads one to think your just lying to everyone. Read more

Al Franken

No religion for this person.... You don't dislike anyone.. but don't like the Abortion ban bus full of Crazys when you go to eat breakfast at McDonalds. Read more


No religion, but might have some issues with immigration. Read more

Youth Communist

Your a Communist.. or maybe a Dedicated Socialist/Nazi.. but your still in training.. your not breathing fire and hatred quite just yet.. You should probably stop listening to whatever insane religiou... Read more

Bill O'Reilly

You can't decide if government is bad or if government is good, you try to understand it.. but don't do to well at it.. your probably good in an argument because you can change your mind at any given ... Read more

Fox News Watcher

News Watcher, your not deeply religious but your mind seems to change depending on what station your watching and or listening to at the time. Read more

Tom Delay

You know somthing about politics and the world, but tend to favor whatever keeps whatever race you hate down, most of what you think and say is BS. Read more

Freindly Minister

Your religious but don't take it out on the rest of the world. You tend to avoid Radicals and get along for the most part with those heathen freinds of yours who just havn't found thier way yet. Read more

Ann Coulter

Yeh you belive in god, you also belive god wants to stop immigration and maybe bomb civilians in Arab nations, you probably shouldn't own a gun... Read more

Pat Robertson

Congradulations your gods wrath with a machine gun, you might even be crazy enough to belive god speaks through you. You Are Pat Robertson in the flesh. Read more

Samuel Parris

Your Religious and play with the idea of a Church Run State, you don't hate anyone at all.. you just trust god .. and not Law, Politicians, Freinds, Family, cute babies... all are suspect under the Lo... Read more

Trent Lott

Chances are your deeply religious and go to church, you also like to tell white/black jokes at the dinner table. Read more

Lois Farrakhan

You use religion to fuel your hate for other races/religions etc. Your probably very open about it as well. Read more

Al Sharpton

Religious and Deeply Secular, Oh you might be a Preacher but the Conservatives don't like you much, but thats ok.. you made your peace with the Lord already.. peace brother. Read more

Joseph P. McCarthy

Your all about government.. as long as your running it. Smash your enemies , dont worry if their good people or not. Read more

Adolph Hitler

Keeping other Religions and or Races your apposed to Down is your life, you breathe and crap hate. On the other hand you don't want religion in government.. so your probably some kind of Hitler worshi... Read more

Crazy Mad Ball

You don't hate anyone, your also deeply religious, and you can't make up your mind about anything regarding the power of government.. you tend to change your mind alot, that or you wan't some kind of ... Read more

Evil Madball

Your a loon also, a close relative to a madball, but filled with more Angst/Hate. Read more


Your the Ultimate two face, you can't be trusted and probably steal your freinds girlfreinds. Everything you think is probably to gain somthing from somone. At least a Racists or a Religious fundamen... Read more

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