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Your kinda my type physically, but you've got nothing going on upstairs. Sorry, but you arent for me.

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The Slob

Sorry to burst your bubble pal, but you just aren't for me. Read more

Moral but not Hot

You've got morals, but you really aren't my type. Read more

Moral Guru

You'd be an amazing friend, to a pack of ravid wolves. You arent for me. Read more

somewhat smart

Okay, so you aren't attractive at all, and you have no moral fiber, but at least you are kind of smart... Good for you. I'll get you a cookie. Read more

Smarty pants

You appeal to me conversationally, but not physically. You'd make a wicked friend. Read more

Smarty Magee

You're uber smart and really morally sound, but you just aren't for me. We have tonnes to talk about but you dont rev my engine. Read more


Your kinda my type physically, but you've got nothing going on upstairs. Sorry, but you arent for me. Read more


okay so you're kinda hot and you know what you want in life, but you still dont have enough to hold a conversation with me. We could be friends... maybe. Read more

Room Temp

Okay, so you're not the hottest thing in my eyes, but you've got great moral fiber. We could probably make it work. Read more

Semi hot

okay so you aren't my ideal partner, but at least you've got a brain and a little sex appeal. Read more


you're not exactly my cup of tea, but you've got me listening. You've peaked my interest and now i'm watching. We wont be perfect for each other but it could work. Read more


I think that even though you arent physically what i'm loking for, i would still do you because you're a good person. Read more


Sorry, but i wouldnt do you for any money. Read more

not a chance

sorry, but i wouldn't even do you if i was piss drunk. Read more

not so much

nope sorry, you're not for me. you might be kinda hot, but i wouldnt feel right with you. Read more

dirty cutie

You're cute, but you're not my cup of tea. I'd do you if i was loaded. Read more

Sexy smarty

you're intelligent. Thats always hot. I'd do you, but i dont know if it'd be a long term thing. Read more

Smart hottie

You're the one that i'd do and keep around. You'd be my booty call when i needed one. We aren't destined to be together, but your amazing personality would keep my interest peaked. Read more

Sexual God

You're the one that i'd have the one night stand with and never call again. i'd do ya, but not for the right reasons. Read more

uber hot

you're everything i want sexually, i'd do you, but there wouldnt be any breakfest in the morning. Read more

almost perfect

You're not exactly perfect but you are pretty damn close. Our conversations might be a little weak, but you are so damn hot that it doesn't matter. I'd do you for sure. Read more

hot stuff

Your sexy and smart, but not exactly the most moral of people. I'd still do ya. Read more

You make me tingle

You are almost perfect. You rev my engine and get my all hot and bothered. You'd have to stop me from doing you. Read more

Hardcore Hottie

You are my IDEAL partner! What are you doing just sitting there, send me an email. You are mysterious and fun, way to go hot stuff. It would take 6 very strong men to stop me from doing you. Read more

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