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Loving, Romantic and Loyal


Edward is all that a person could ask for, funny, loving and debonaire, too bad hes a vampire. In spite of the fact that he knows he's putting Bella at risk, he can't bring himself to stay away from her. He finds himself in a love for the ages that he has no will or desire to let go of.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Loving Distribution

    They scored 29% on Loving, higher than 65% of your peers.

  • Romanticism Distribution

    They scored 25% on Romanticism, higher than 50% of your peers.

  • Selflessness Distribution

    They scored 12% on Selflessness, higher than 51% of your peers.

  • Loyalty Distribution

    They scored 21% on Loyalty, higher than 59% of your peers.

  • Purity Distribution

    They scored 21% on Purity, higher than 77% of your peers.

All possible test results


For Bond it is not how he loves, its who he loves. He's got the style and the moves to melt any agent's heart, its just a matter of who's the lucky lady tonight. Permiscuity is the name of the... Read more


Romeo+Juliet After meeting Juliet, he will stop at literally nothing to be with her. He traverses major emotional upheaval and sacrifices his life for his true love. He is the ultima... Read more


Twilight Edward is all that a person could ask for, funny, loving and debonaire, too bad hes a vampire. In spite of the fact that he knows he's putting Bella at risk, he can't bring ... Read more


Juno When Juno drops the bombshell on her best friend Paulie that her 'Eggo is preggo' with his help, its alot for him to take in. He pales in confidence compared to his always so se... Read more


Blast from the Past When Adam finally surfaces after being in a fallout shelter for his 30 years, he finds that the world is an intimidating place. It isnt until he finds his love, E... Read more

The Chairman

Memoirs of a Geisha Its amazing what a simple gesture can do. How buying a cup of sweet ice for a sad little girl can giver her so much hope in the existence of love. For Sa... Read more


The Princess Bride When his princess needs rescuing from the Evil Prince Humperdink, there is nothing that Westley can't do to bring himself closer to the embrace of his Buttercup. H... Read more


Blast from the Past Eve is somewhat self involved shall we say, as well as desensitized to the world around her, and can I say complacent, and perhaps self loathing? This all changes... Read more


Romeo+Juliet Juliet meets the man of her dreams during a party, it is only after they fall in love with eachother that she finds out that he is the son of her father's sworn enemy. T... Read more


Twilight Bella literally puts her life on the line when she falls for a Romanticism vampire named Edward. Inspite of his best efforts to warn her of his danger, she will not relent, ... Read more


Juno Juno says what's on her mind, theres no doubt about that. When she looses her virginity to Paulie Bleeker her best friend, things get complicated very quickly. She finds out she... Read more


Never Been Kissed Poor Josie Grosie. For Josie Gellar, highschool was a nightmare. When she gets a  journalism assignment she is forced to live the nightmare all over again, that is... Read more

Princess Buttercup

The Princess Bride Princess Buttercup holds strong to her knight in shining armor as she braves tretcherous swamps and the horrible Prince Humperdink. She remains faithful to the dea... Read more


Memoirs of a Geisha Sayrui's life was hard. She was sold into a Geisha house at a young age, but was able to find kindness in her Chairman. She is a fierce lover and uses her talents... Read more

The Mystery Character

You have a style that's all your own. Just because i couldn't place you doesn't mean your cinematic dream-mate isn't out there somewhere! Go watch some movies, or hell even make one! You are a... Read more

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