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66 sex machine, 71 considerate

You rock! NO One should be trying to tell you how to run your marriage. Looks to Me like you know what you are doing. You will make any man happy and yourself even happier.

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    They scored 66% on variable 1, higher than 38% of your peers.

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    They scored 71% on variable 2, higher than 39% of your peers.

All possible test results


You suck some serious ass! You have no drive for sex and you suck at being a compassionate wife. I feel sorry for ANY man who would want to marry you. Get off of your ass and take care of yourself! ... Read more

Pathetic Slut

Damn! what kind of motivation do you need to light the fire in the bedroom?! The world doesn't revolve around you. At least you are SOMEwhat considerate of his feelings. But a man needs lovin' too. ... Read more

ice thighs

ok, just in case you didn't know... sex is important in a relationship. I'm not saying that it is the MOST important... but damn, "open up" just a little. Not too bad with the showing him compassion... Read more

June Cleaver

Good Gawd Woman! seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you?! You are awesome in consideration towards him... but that doesn't mean shit if you are holding out on him. It's called sex... ever heard o... Read more

Peggy Bundy

it's all about you isn't it? You feel no need to make him feel comfortable in his home. WTF is wrong with you?! You know, it makes me freaking sick and you are just giving into that lame stereotyp... Read more


you should be ashamed of yourself. Get in the kitchen and make a friggin pie. and while you are at it, get naked. Come on, spice it up. Life is too fucking short. Read more


wow, you need some help? you are "ok" when it comes to showing him some comsideration, but you seriously need to add something to your bedroom life. Read more

Not too bad

you are ok... I guess. But every now and then add a little something extra just for him. It's not all about you, ya know Read more

Fire and Ice

You're not TOO bad in the bedroom but your considerations skills need major work. It's not ALL about sex Read more

Goddess complex

you do know that it's not all about you, right? Your libido seems to be intact but you need work. Be more considerate of his feelings dammit and you will find yourself a happier person. Read more

NOT Bad!

you're at a happy medium. Pretty much balanced. That just earned you a cool point. Keep working on both aspects and your marriage will last forever. Read more

Leather and Lace

your sex drive is looking good and your consideration of him looks even better! You're on a roll! Read more


you're great in the bedroom, but for Pete's sake show some damn consideration for the man! Its not all about orgasms. Read more

Slut o'rama

You're great in the bedroom and not TOO bad with showing him some consideration. Chill with the Kegal's and work on your ppl skills! Read more

Close to Perfect

You are on fire in the bedroom!!! And you are doing awesome showing him that consideration he deserves! Read more


You rock! NO One should be trying to tell you how to run your marriage. Looks to Me like you know what you are doing. You will make any man happy and yourself even happier. Read more

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