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You are 57 % Innovative , 52 % Innocent, and 63 % Rebellious!

A difficult one to say, since you're a little bit of everything. But perhaps brown for the innocent look, then add some wild color, like dark green, purple or turqouise and blonde, natural stripes for the innovativeness and the rebelliousness. But, be sure to have a mix of a traditional, a self-made and a mohawk hairdo, so that you get just the right slice of everything :).

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Innovative Distribution

    They scored 57% on Innovative, higher than 83% of your peers.

  • Innocent Distribution

    They scored 52% on Innocent, higher than 20% of your peers.

  • Rebellious Distribution

    They scored 63% on Rebellious, higher than 93% of your peers.

All possible test results


The ideal hair-color for you would be brown or hazel, it's a hair color that goes along with everything, every style. So even though it might get boring once in a while, it's a sure fire win to have h... Read more


Your ideal haircolor would be silver or white, without any add-ons. A color that's not seen often, but still gives an impression of being sort of a badass and still being a straight, overall nice pers... Read more


The ideal haircolor for you would be orange, maybe with a hint of blue (stripes) or purple (dots) to spice it all up. Otherwise, just plain old orange will still do the trick. With this hairdo, you'd ... Read more

Dark Blonde

Short(if boy)/long (if girl), dark-blonde hair would suit you JUST fine. A very average hair-color, that doesn't distinguish you in a crowd. It'll show just about nothing of you as a person and you do... Read more


Plain old black hair (or grey, if that's what you like) will do you just fine. It's enough to make you go noticed in big crowds and might annoy someone (you like that) and still be relative okay for v... Read more

Blue/Green (mix)

Blue or green hair (perhaps a mix, one side blue, the other green if you're daring) would be your ideal hair-color. It annoys people in the long run but because it's just ONE (provided yuo DIDN'T mix ... Read more


Neatly styled blonde hair cut in a nice hairdo is JUST to your liking. It'd suit your personality great and it'd still be a trademark for you, since you have such a strong personal character. Read more


Red/red-brownish hair (if not natural) would be the ideal haircolor for you. It's a significant color, but it's still more common than a lot of other colors. If you are a natural redhead, then you sho... Read more


Short, spiky purple hair will be JUST you (even if you're a girl)! Makes you look just sweet enough to pass for still being nice (when someone gets to know you), but it's a hair color that makes viewe... Read more


Brownish with some sort of stripes (blonde or black) to ligthen it up would be ideal for you. And if it were long, it'd be even better, even for you guys. It's a standard thing, but it's a standard th... Read more


Marine-blue with vermillion red dots/stripes/whatever will be JUST you. And I don't have to explain you why. You're already smiling now, 'cause you just saw the light! This is your TRUE hair-color. So... Read more


GOLD! A revelation just came to you. Search your feelings. You KNOW it to be true! Spice it up with silvery dots or light-green stripes to give it more of acid-burning-in-the-eyes trait. Mmm. Sweet. Read more


Blonde with a small fix of red shine, makes you look perfectly innocent, but not totally boring, and if you combine it with a nice hairdo (that must be another test), then this should suit your innova... Read more


A difficult one to say, since you're a little bit of everything. But perhaps brown for the innocent look, then add some wild color, like dark green, purple or turqouise and blonde, natural stripes for... Read more


You're going for the threesome of weird colors, and the only reason you're adding pink is because that makes you look innocent (sort of)! If you're a girl, all the bad boys will drop their jaw when th... Read more

Light blonde/White

This should be so light blonde that it nearly make sone blind to look at it! Perhaps spice it up with an undercut in only ONE side of your head to add to the innovativeness and add some stripes of neu... Read more


Stuck approximately in the middle of all categories, this is a hard one. Well, you're a little more innocent than you are rebellic, but quite adventurous you are. So that makes you have a tendency of ... Read more

... Undefinable

Okay. Dots for you. Three green dots, three orange and three purple dots situated on a base of half black, half hazel-colored hair, split over on the middle. Then add red stripes, spice it up with blu... Read more

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