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Life Partner

You scored 60 Duration, 46 Sex, 90 Emotion, and 76 Commitment!

Wow. I wonder why you show less interest in sex then in emotions, stability and commitment? What was your childhood like? Suffice to say you would make a good partner to anyone who is looking to settle down for a comfortable life.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Duration Distribution

    They scored 60% on Duration, higher than 43% of your peers.

  • Sex Distribution

    They scored 46% on Sex, higher than 14% of your peers.

  • Emotion Distribution

    They scored 90% on Emotion, higher than 92% of your peers.

  • Commitment Distribution

    They scored 76% on Commitment, higher than 81% of your peers.

All possible test results

Low Intensity

DYou're really looking for something low key and casual right now. Maybe you don't feel ready for along term commitment, maybe you don't think sex is THAT big of a deal. Either way, best to let new pa... Read more

Control Issues?

I don't know for sure, but it looks like you might expect your partner to be devoted to you, with very little in return. You don't nessecarily need them to care about you deeply, or have known your ve... Read more

Soooooooooouul Mates

Ugh. Think this over, k? Looks like you want all the depth of emotion without going through the stuff you need to develope it. Emotion comes from time together, shared goals, or passions. YOu can't fa... Read more

Short and Strong

Hey this is kind of cool. Looks like you want a relationship thats really loyal and emotional, but not based on sex or time together. Weird, actually. Give some thought to what you might want someone ... Read more


I'll be blunt. The most important thing to you right now is the sex. I agree thats it is critical but tell your partners upfront that you may not want much more. No daily phone calls please, we're not... Read more

Fuck Buddy

Pretty self explanatory eh? You want a consistent source of good sex. None of the bs or emotion, just a reliable outlet who is safe. As always, tell your partners UPFRONT that you don't want to get in... Read more

Love Affair

You want the lost weekend. Fall into bed on a friday night and come up for air monday morning. And calling again? We'll see. They were awfully sweet... but there are so many other fish in the sea! Read more

Torrid Affair

Wow. This is a classic affair. For whatever reason you are not interested in a long temr thing, but you want love and sex and caring from your partner now. This could be a really healthy reaction afte... Read more


You don't really care too much whether your partner is super faithful or sexually adeventurous, so long as you can go with the flow for a while. Accept this, and consider that you may in the future wa... Read more


You want someone loyal who will be around for a while. It's not that important to you that they be overly emotionally invovled, for you sometimes just showing up and being there means enough. Read more


Heartsmates or best friends are people you've known for a long time who care deeply about you. Don't let these relationships slide into asexuality. A relationship must change and grow. Read more

Life Partner

Wow. I wonder why you show less interest in sex then in emotions, stability and commitment? What was your childhood like? Suffice to say you would make a good partner to anyone who is looking to settl... Read more

LT Fuck Buddy

You rare bird! You want to have a healthy sexual relationship with one person for a while, but with few of the accoutrements or emotional obligations that usually entails. Why are you so disinterested... Read more

Heart Breaker

OUch. You leave a whole slew of broken hearted folks behind you. You stay with them for a long time, your loyal, the sex is good, but inside you really don't care all that much. Way to look out for #1... Read more

Cheater Potential?

You could be a cheater, or a polyamourist. Either way, good sex is important to you as is having a long term connection with your partner. However, that doesn't seem to stop you from wanting (or takin... Read more

Wants it all!

You want the ideal long term relationship, stable, sexualy active, commited and connected. Good luck, let me know how it goes! Read more

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