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Their result for The Hipster Stereotype Test ...

Party Boy/Party Girl

You scored 53 "I Need Attention!" Points, 39 "I'm sooo indie points", 80 "I know what's cool" points, and 42 "Scene Points"!

Perhaps you weren't into the Greek system in college, or maybe they kicked you out because you peed all over the framed picture of the Class of '97 and passed out spooning a couch cusion after screaming out Andrew W.K. lyrics all night. You are a partier. You can and WILL be seen (scene?) once you have a few drinks. Of course, you're the one to insist on shots. You also will dance, yes, you will dance. "Like nobody's watching" as they say, but of course, everybody's watching -- you're just to drunk to care.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • LookatMe Ratio Distribution

    They scored 53% on LookatMe Ratio, higher than 46% of your peers.

  • Counter Culture Distribution

    They scored 39% on Counter Culture, higher than 12% of your peers.

  • Pop Awareness Distribution

    They scored 80% on Pop Awareness, higher than 93% of your peers.

  • Scene Points Distribution

    They scored 42% on Scene Points, higher than 9% of your peers.

All possible test results

A Tad Bookish

You're what we like to call Bookish. You don't seem particularly into anything... whether it's deemed "cool" or not. You're probably a real page-turner though. Keep on keeping on. Beware of those ... Read more

Cooler Than Thou

You are Mr McSceney (or Mrs.) You know what's hip, you're cool. Plus, you're beyond worrying about WHY certain things are cool and WHY others aren't. You do your own thing... that may cause some pe... Read more


What? Entertainment Weekly says it's cool. Go buy it. Baaahhhh. In the Book of Cool you are Cliffs Notes; unwilling to do any of the footwork and so, ultimately unfulfilled. (Not to say all hips... Read more

Ironic Hipster

You delight in the absurd. Well-aware of what's lame and what's not -- it dosen't prevent you from indulging in both. Kings and Queens of Kitch and Camp, Ironic Hipsters might even own a few collect... Read more


Counterculture is your game, "Anti_" is your name. You make mix tapes in the hopes that no one recognizes a single band on it. If they do, you are severly dissapointed. You see arthouse films (your... Read more


Like your bretheren, (The "Anti_") who turns away from anything popular, you turn your nose UP at anything well-liked. You like to discuss the merits of anything inparticular, and you've got the name... Read more

Trend Victim

You are always looking cool. Being cool. Acting cool, etc. But then again, some lead, and some follow. You are the follower, but fear not, Dave Grohl was once a follower to, and look where he is n... Read more

Indie Nerd

You're a know it all and you don't care about anyone else. Your knowledge of pop/indie culture is deep, and just for you. You are the type to put together mixtapes where everysong has a crazy(if n... Read more

Fratboy/Sorority Gal

OH! OH! You are a drinker. You are a partyer. You have no interest in anything but having a kick-ass good time. You are the first to do a beer bong, and you play anchor on your flip-cup team. Som... Read more

Theatre Major

Ha ha. Life of the party, so long as the party stays focussed on you. You're ALL about looking good, and you better be looked at dammit. You did theatre in high school, maybe in college. But, if n... Read more

Party Boy/Party Girl

Perhaps you weren't into the Greek system in college, or maybe they kicked you out because you peed all over the framed picture of the Class of '97 and passed out spooning a couch cusion after screami... Read more

Pop Enthusiast

You LOVE ALL of pop's creatures... big and small. You are the Noah of Culture -- "C'mon two of everything, that's right... What? We're missing Unicorns? Well, they're beautiful and unique, but they... Read more

Hipster Doofus

Wading in a sea of things "on the brink" of popularity -- You're a hipster schooner with no anchor, adrift in a sea of indie. Not caring about the mainstream, you are the type to repeatedly bring up ... Read more


The quintessential Hipster on-the-go. You are a scenester. Out and about, you love the clubs (that do new-wave throwback nights), you love the bars (that are dark and dirty and not cool to the untra... Read more

The Bass Player

As any Sheep knows, some "are" and some just "do." You're definately on top of what's cool, and what's popular, but you need someone else around to tell you what, exactly, "it" is. In the realm of... Read more

Hipster God

Well holy crap. You're off the scales in everything we measure -- which make you a God amongst those of use who view God as "someone who know too much about things that are probably insiginifcant". ... Read more

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