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Christianity Myths Dispelled

 There is only one God, eternally existent in three persons: the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
 Jesus is the son. (Not God's literal son as muslims believe.) He is 100% God, therefore being perfect and sinless while at the same time being 100% man.
 Jesus was born of the virgin Mary. She is NOT God and should not be worshipped.
 The Bible is absolute truth, penned by men, inspired by God. It contains only a few minor errors from the original manuscripts that are just spelling or grammar issues. The Word of God is the final authority for faith and daily living.
 We all born with a sin nature and because of this, are sentenced to eternal separation from God in Hell.
 God, even though He is loving and forgiving, MUST punish sin because He is just.
 But Jesus Christ, because of His love for us, died for us in our place.
 He rose from the dead on the third day after He died.
 Christ is the only way to heaven. Not baptism, continual confession, communion or being good. Jesus Christ took the punishment for our sins so that we could be washed clean of our unrighteousness and be made holy in the sight of God. When we believe in Him, put our faith and trust in His salvation, we will be saved.
 God will forgive all our sins. No sin is too great for Him. He is merciful. Jesus Christ died for ALL the sins.
 Jesus is coming back for His children someday, though we do not know the time.
 Christians come in all shapes and sizes from all around the world. They don’t have be Republican or white.
 God did not make us because He was bored or because He had nothing else better to do. He did not make us because He was prideful and arrogant and wanted someone to bow down to Him. He made us to love us. The same reason a man and woman want to have a baby together.
 God loves us no matter what. He knows everything about us because He lovingly created each one and He desires that we love Him in return.
 God has a plan and purpose for each life.
 Some believe that all religions are basically the same or stem from one another and that, in the end, all paths lead to heaven. This is simply not true as many different faiths contradict one another, so they can’t all be true.
 God created the world in six days and rested on the seventh.
 God created Adam and Eve equal, but gave them different roles. Man is the leader and woman is the helpmate. Neither is more important and neither should rule over the other. Man is the head, and woman is the body. Together, they are one flesh and fully represent the image of God.
 Abortion is a touchy subject. Human life is defined scientifically as having the genetic code that reads: “human being.” Therefore, a fertilized egg would be a human life because it has all the DNA present for a person. Killing human life in our constitution is murder. Our constitution DOES recognize babies that aren’t born are humans because if you murdered a pregnant woman, you are sentenced as killing two people. But, hypocritically, abortion is not murder. In other words, America’s law believes the baby’s life is worthy of being called a “life” depending on whether or not the mother wants it.
 Pre-marital sex is a sin, but we are all equally guilty of sin, all deserving of punishment.
 Homosexuality is also a touchy subject. There are verses which speak out against this in the Bible. Once again, sin sends you to hell, and we are ALL sinners. Homosexuals are no worse than you and I.
 The Bible is clear “do not be unequally yoked.” Therefore, a Christian should only marry another Christian.
 It is not necessary to pray before you eat. You won’t go to hell if you forget this.
 Evolution is a theory. Not a proven fact. Christianity is also a theory… based on faith in Biblical, historical and scientific evidence. Just like evolution, Christianity is not a proven fact.
 For more information on evidence for creation in the world around you, read It Couldn’t Just Happen (Fascinating Facts About God's World) by Lawrence O. Richards. It’s a really good book and gives extremely intelligent, scientific facts. If you like to be challenged and enjoy examining astounding and unexplainable phenomenon in nature, you will really like this book that makes you think!

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Christianity Myths Dispelled  There is only one God, eternally existent in three persons: the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Jesus is the son. (Not... Read more

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